WOYWW138 – overstamping


Hello all you WOYWW-ers.  If you aren’t a WOYWW-er  click the link to pop over to Julia’s blog for your weekly desk-hop.

So yesterday I did another window tunnel card (well, that’s what I am calling them.  Never seen one before so if there is an official name I have no idea what it is!) and by-passed the overstamping how-to I mentioned I would do in the first card post.  I thought the might like to see how I did it.  The water-stamping over Distress Ink thing is old, and you can see it in the Compendium of Curiosities on page 35.  Basically you distress ink some cardstock (and I find a good layer of ink, especially layers of colour, gives the best effect) then ink a stamp with Versamark then mist the stamp with water.  Stamp the watery stamp over the Distress ink then dry it with a heat gun – something about the heat makes the bleached-out image clearer.  This is where you should see a photo of that step so far, but my camera didn’t record the photo for some reason, so I had to go back after I was done and take a few more for this.

Wipe off your stamp and dry it.  Then ink your stamp with Memento ink and, not trying too hard to line it up perfectly, stamp over the water-stamped image

What you get is a very cool halo effect.

And if you are a bit off on the placement I think it looks even better!

You can see it a bit on the front of the card with a finer stamp.

Looking past the card you can see that not only is my desk fairly clean (shock!) but my shelves, and even though you can’t see it at all my FLOOR) is tidy and clear.  Astonishing. I feel very virtuous.

Now if only Blogger will cooperate with me.  I may have to try to comment ONLY from my iPad (as I know for example that I can comment on the WOYWW post from there but not from my desktop – how bizarre is that?) and see. I did see many desks last week, and typed out many comments, they just never appeared.


Addendum! I have been watching very carefully my commenting and I can now say that if comments open in a new window, I can almost always add one.  If it is a box at the bottom of the post, I almost always can’t 🙂

I grabbed the screen so you can see who I have visited so far (green)  but I couldn’t comment on lots of them.  It bothers me. But if you are green  I did see your desk and I bet I loved it 🙂 and I’m still working my way thru the rest!

37 thoughts on “WOYWW138 – overstamping

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  2. Hi,

    Alison has put up a “how to fix” the blogger comments issue here

    If you pass it on to people who are having the issues, they should be able to fix it 🙂

    Belz xx

  3. I am having a quick jog through everyone’s desk as I am slightly late this week. Fab work space, looking very busy and creative, and gorgeous inky creations. Thanks for sharing.
    Cathy xx

  4. These are lovely-thanks for the Tute!

  5. These look so beautiful and are so rich in their colours and textures… just beautiful… as to the commenting thing, I used to have all sorts of hassles commenting until I changed from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome… everything works easier and quicker on google Chrome and a lot less viruses… sure everyone knows about the commenting hassles and is understanding…happy woyww

  6. Your card is fabulous and I love the overstamping technique. I think I will have to pull the compendium book out and reread that little technique again.

  7. oooh so tidy! Your card is fabulous and thank you for sharing the technique. I had trouble with commenting on some blogs too – so frustating!!! Have a fab and creative week xx

  8. Love that halo effect, and your colour ways are great!

    Happy woyww (and hurrah that blogger is lettnig us comment this week!!)

    Debs #117

  9. Your card and desk ROCK and I wanted to let you know that I DID get your comment (even though it’s at the bottom of my blog!) I moderate so they don’t always appear right away… I’m blessed with an active community (and unfortunately a lot of spam) so the only way I can ensure that I see every comment and keep my blog spam-free is to moderate. Thought I’d share in the hopes that you discover that more of your comments are going thru than you know! 🙂

    Have a fabulous week, and I hope you’ll share some of your favorite projects with us at Inspire Me Monday!


  10. Oh no!! Every time I look at that card I read FARTY too! I figured it was just me and my potty brain… maybe I should take the gear out and put the O back in…. or give it to him like that and see who admits to having a potty brain at the party?? LOL

  11. FINALLY !! A blog that I can leave a reply on! Been having a lot of probs with Blogger today… some blogs won’t let me reply .. 😦

    Anyway….just wanted to say Thank You for sharing that ‘misaligned’ stamping technique! I love that effect and the colours you’ve used make it really stand out! Lovely cards!

    Thanks for sharing, happy WOYWW !

    Jackie x

  12. Yes i could see people were having problems commenting for me previous week, so I opted for another setting – no idea what..and i am getting thumbs up so far. YAY

    Loving your distress halo effect, any halo is a good thing surely!!!

  13. I love the tunnel card and the inking process sounds very cool! I don’t know what is up with blogger. Its being nice to me right now (knock wood) but I’m afraid to anger him, but I think we’re getting along because I’m using google chrome!

    Happy WOYWW!
    Katie #1

  14. I am also finding this whole commenting thing very stressfull. So hope people don’t think I don’t visit or don’t care enough to comment! I sometimes go back to a blog two or three times and it still won’t post my comment. Rude mr. Blogger!
    I wish my craftroom was as clean as yours!
    Loce that card, it looks awesome!
    Happy WOYWW

  15. The tunnel card is great. I will have to try the stamping technique (there’s so much I’ve learned from WOYWWers). The finished product looks so very cool.

    I know what you mean about commenting. Lat week I was having trouble too. Sometimes I’d have to hit “reply” on the comment above and then the “leave a reply” box would show up. Kinda weird.

    Happy WOYWW

    • Yes, I tried that with a comment by VoodooVixen (I thought she might not mind if it sent her a copy :)) and it let me type it in but then it went away. The problem seems to be that as soon as I click on the box it either lets me type and type (and I am not known for my brevity :)) then eats it OR the box simply disappears!


  16. Ooooo, what a great effect you got with the overstamping. Doncha just love playing with Distress inks?

    I, too, have found I have many less problems all around since I switched to Chrome as my browser. Just a thought.

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #121

    • Yes, perhaps, and I can’t help but wonder if this commenting problem is DESIGNED to force people over to yet another way for Google to collect information about you. I use a browser called Camino, which is Mac-specific, and I really like it so am not keen to switch. But thanks for trying 🙂


  17. Love the tunnel cards. That stamping technique may be an old one but I’ve not seen it before so thanks for showing it – I really like the effect. Hope your week in your pristine craft room is a good one 🙂 I have got around the commenting problem by changing browser – I’m now using Google Chrome, it’s free to download and quite easy to get used to. Elizabeth x #47

  18. This commenting thing is really frustrating isn’t it, my ipad especially doesn’t like it if I want to edit a comment…which I often do because it has auto corrected me to the point of misunderstanding! Tunnel cards are great, and I love the non aligned imagery, makes the technique a double good ‘un.

  19. Oooh heck. I SO wish I didn’t have to work full time, then not only could I get round everybody’s desks on a Wednesday, I could also get all the crafting I’d like to do done, AND some housework. Shucks.

    The trident – yes, it was an odd crop project, but the finished article worked out just fine once we’d lengthened the handle (and hidden the join with Ten Second Studio metal) and added some fishing net. I’ve ended up donating it to the Panto group….

    Hope you’re keeping more well than I!

  20. great results to your technique! they cards look wonderful!
    how frustrating for you to not be able to leave a comment? could it have something to do with your browser? i see my name is in green. thanks for visiting!
    happy WOYWW and thanks for sharing,
    hugs, peggy aplSEEDS

  21. Really love that burnished orange with the black! The tunnels are just fabulous! Thanks for sharing, wishing you a creative week, Sarah. (at no.38 – NOT 8! A dud link)

  22. That is an absolutely gorgeous and incredibly creative card! Well done you! I love it 🙂

  23. Those cards are brilliant, i love the black white and pink one, (in the post below) best, but the colours of this one is fab, a really wonderful idea I bet there will be lots of people giving this a go now you have done such a fab tutorial Have a great week Lou #84

  24. WOW Love the card, I have never done this technique before, will give it a try, Your crafty space is soooo tidy and inviting, Hugs May x x x x x x

  25. what a great card, I really love the technique you have used going to have to give it a go myself 🙂 x Becky #56

  26. Love the effect you’ve achieved and also the tunnel card – thanks for a peep at your workspace (Hazel, WOYWW 28) x

  27. Love Distress Inks and often use them with water sprinkled on. I had forgotten about the versamark and water stamping and must have another go after seeing the results you got – great cards.
    Ann B

  28. Oh I love that Idea, ta for the inspiration hun
    Happy WOYWW

    LOU P

    Oh and I have candy if you fancy a shot,

  29. Hi there. Thanks for sharing your creative space with us nosey parkers today. It’s always inspiring to see. Hope you have plenty of creative fun this coming week. Great cards with lovely colours.

  30. Great tunnel card, love the overstamping.

  31. Love the look of the card, the colours are yummy…love the contrast with the black..fab happy woyww hugs trace x no16

  32. I really like your tunnelcard! The inking is awesome too. Hope you have a great week. Thanks for sharing! Vickie #27

  33. Gorgeous card and very effective technique!
    Have fab woyww and creative week hugs judex 17

  34. Oooh I like your tunnel card with the window… and the inking looks fabulous contrasted against the backgrounds.

  35. Mm love seeing the steps Maryanne so thanks for sharing – and yes love the colours and wow youa re a good girl doing all that clean up – as for your last comment we will never know the whys and wherefores of blogger, Happy WOYWW, Shaz in Oz.. x
    PS Oh, cant put a link number for my post as it is before 6am over your way so haven’t linked yet – here it is is will paste it, wont be posting again for while:

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