WOYWW138 – overstamping

Hello all you WOYWW-ers.  If you aren’t a WOYWW-er  click the link to pop over to Julia’s blog for your weekly desk-hop.

So yesterday I did another window tunnel card (well, that’s what I am calling them.  Never seen one before so if there is an official name I have no idea what it is!) and by-passed the overstamping how-to I mentioned I would do in the first card post.  I thought the might like to see how I did it.  The water-stamping over Distress Ink thing is old, and you can see it in the Compendium of Curiosities on page 35.  Basically you distress ink some cardstock (and I find a good layer of ink, especially layers of colour, gives the best effect) then ink a stamp with Versamark then mist the stamp with water.  Stamp the watery stamp over the Distress ink then dry it with a heat gun – something about the heat makes the bleached-out image clearer.  This is where you should see a photo of that step so far, but my camera didn’t record the photo for some reason, so I had to go back after I was done and take a few more for this.

Wipe off your stamp and dry it.  Then ink your stamp with Memento ink and, not trying too hard to line it up perfectly, stamp over the water-stamped image

What you get is a very cool halo effect.

And if you are a bit off on the placement I think it looks even better!

You can see it a bit on the front of the card with a finer stamp.

Looking past the card you can see that not only is my desk fairly clean (shock!) but my shelves, and even though you can’t see it at all my FLOOR) is tidy and clear.  Astonishing. I feel very virtuous.

Now if only Blogger will cooperate with me.  I may have to try to comment ONLY from my iPad (as I know for example that I can comment on the WOYWW post from there but not from my desktop – how bizarre is that?) and see. I did see many desks last week, and typed out many comments, they just never appeared.


Addendum! I have been watching very carefully my commenting and I can now say that if comments open in a new window, I can almost always add one.  If it is a box at the bottom of the post, I almost always can’t 🙂

I grabbed the screen so you can see who I have visited so far (green)  but I couldn’t comment on lots of them.  It bothers me. But if you are green  I did see your desk and I bet I loved it 🙂 and I’m still working my way thru the rest!