10 of Diamonds – big art cards

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This week it’s the Ten of Diamonds.  I wonder if I will get sick of red in a few weeks, and if I should carry on into the Hearts (and more red) or switch to Spades, and then if I should do all of them in black?  Decisions, decisions.  At the moment I am doing red and mixing in another colour each time – purple, orange, brown – but some of the combos seem odd.  Red and green seem too Chrstmas-y, but I may still give it a go and see what happens.  This is an experiment after all.

It’s playing with my Distress powders this time.  I’ve not really gotten on with them, they never seem to give the exact look I’m going for, and not sure if that’s ME or the product.  I did buy them from the UKS Marketplace, used, but barely, from someone who ALSO didn’t get on with them, so that really doesn’t help me decide.

Big ole’ paint spatters on this one, and a little circular text stamp.  No idea what set it’s from, just in my stash.

See what I mean?  I like it but it isn’t really much different from rough embossing.  I gave it a good shake, to mix the release crystals, but maybe not enough?

Anyway, busy week again, with DDs second transition meeting, and lots of interesting things for her in the works.  I will get to the step-by-step for that card from last week, probably tomorrow, as I have the photos, but in a fit of tidying I put away all the circle Nesties.  Now I need to figure out which ones I used so I can say – just thought it might make it a bit easier for y’all.


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