Lovely Valentines Day card

…if I do say so myself.

Oh and it took AGES.  I may write it up or do a YouTube doodah but that will have to wait for another day.

I had planned NOT to post today, as I was determined to make a Valentine’s Day card for DH and NOT share it till after the big day, because I can never seem to help myself doing it so he sees it on my blog before then and I have to make a crappy rushed one so he gets a surprise. But no, he decided to be really nice to me and come home from the office early so he could take DD skating this afternoon for her local lesson.  And what is in the path from the front door through to the kettle? Yep.  My scrap room. And the card was all over the place, the floor scattered with bits of circles and Nesties in about 10 different sizes, bits of inked card on the table, LOVE YOU stuck to one of them.  Oh sure I could have TRIED to hide it but really, what was the point?

So there you go, thwarted by kindness.

And nice for you as I might as well share it now it’s done.  Doesn’t look like much but that is because I was trying to shoot through the little circle windows on each layer… but open?

Getting the swirls to have that double layer look was an experiment – I’ve done the stamping-over-distress ink-with water before and love how it looks, but this time I did THAT then stamped over it, not really trying to match the images up perfectly, with Memento ink.  I just love it.  Working out the circles was a palaver, but in the end it worked out OK.

Perhaps a bit arty for a man-card, but I like arty and DH doesn’t REALLY care, so I please myself.

Hope you like it.