Blogger pain


Oh Grrrrrr.  I am having trouble with my WOYWW commenting and it it winding me up!  In the first 20 tries I had less than a 50% hit rate.  Just too, too annoying! Sometimes I get the little message saying my comment is awaiting approval but more often than not it just flips to a blank screen and the comment disappears.  Not too bad if I’ve commented briefly but when I’ve typed in a full box of stuff and it goes away it makes me CRAZY.  Yes, yes, I know, I copy it to paste again but no matter how many times I do it, it just will not “take.”

DD is off to the hospital today to have a new leg brace made so I’ll be a bit busy.  I will share this little card, super simple, but a different use for my printables from a week or so back.

Sorry for the badly cropped photo LOL!  Rather than folding the dahlias, you can line up the circles across a 5″ card like a scalloped border.  The embossing nicely echos the circle motif and it is simple and perfect for men – and we ALL struggle with cards for men, don’t we?  But you could do this with any of the circle printables, even mixing and matching the words, rather than using the Birthday version, of use them all across a scrapbook page as a border, and make them more girly for a more feminine card quite easily.

Give it a go – the idea is easy and flexible and endlessly customizable for almost any occasion!

6 thoughts on “Blogger pain

  1. I really like this card and am inspired by it. I have a hard time deciding what to do with embossed backgrounds and this card really speaks to me. I was thinking that for those printer-challenged people like me, I could punch 1″ circles across the top and stamp them with small words. Very cool. I will definitely be trying something similar out! Thank you for sharing.

  2. I’ve had a bad time of it this time round too, Blogger and WordPress are definitely not talking. I’ve had to revert to my google id for much of my commenting, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to leave a single one! Hope the hospital appointment went well and love the CAS card.

    Brenda 104

  3. Cute little card. I hope your daughter is doing better.


  4. I hope your daughter got on ok, I am too having trouble commenting, I am keeping a log of those that I have had trouble with so I can mention it on the comments incase they think that i am not visiting.

    vicky woyww ~66 18.1.2012

  5. ah was struggling too Maryanne but thankfully copying and pasting has worked for me -and yes did lose a big fat one typed out never to be seen again as could not be bothered to do it again just did few words when able – mind you still have lots to see as been busy – no more waffling – ah do love this folder it is awesome and you are so right it goes with your printable so well – you are clever – pray all goes well for your daughter, Shaz in oz.x

  6. I have not forgotten your chipboard family tree! will post it soon…… had a scrapday with the layout’s originator last week- passed on your comments– she says thanks. Great card, so clean.

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