Hello all you WOYWWers.  Pop over to Julia’s for the desk hop, but go back a post to vote for your favourite new-look WOYWW badge.

My desk?  I mess, as ever.  I’ve been working hard to clear up months and months of shoving stuff to the side, or piling things up on the floor (indeed, any flat surface) and am feeling the relief and anticipation of a clean workdesk.

Mostly what is left is the debris from Monday’s post re: the altered mahoosive playing cards.  SO much fun, I am fighting the urge to jump right to a new one.  But I won’t.  I’m sticking to one per week so I can make it last the year and allow new ideas and new techniques to get tested.  I find something I want to try EVERY DAY and am determined this project will enrich my crafting, but it won’t do that if I just push on, using the same old tried and true techniques.

Another little something to share – at the crop last week it was mentioned that there is SO much going on over on UKS.  One of my favourite things is Leo’s Simple Recipes.  It really is the whole enchilada, as we say.  It’s a colour set, a sketch, a counterfeit kit idea and sample layout all in one.  But that isn’t all – one layout appears on the first Tuesday – and that could be with a use-your-stash focus or a new product focus, depending on who’s doing the layout, and then the third Tuesday, an alternate layout using the same recipe.  I got to do the second layout this month (as Darling Julia will recognize because I dithered over it at the crop for AGES) and am pleased with it.  I’m usually not a sketch person.  I recently got Page Maps (used from the Marketplace and a bargain) thinking I might give sketches a go.  Really all I ever seem to take from them is photo placement.  I find without a kick up the rear I will fall back on tried and true placement and that gets boring.  So maybe I’ll find I like using a sketch, even if it is only for where the photos should go. I did follow Leo’s sketch with this one and it didn’t hurt to do so at all!

Anyway, here is the layout.  Some of the supplies are so old, but I am happy to use stuff up.  And seriously, clearing up in my room has reinforced the knowledge that I do not need to buy a single thing other than adhesives to keep creating pages till my deathbed!

Between the Simple Recpies, the UKS Art Journey, Shim’s new class, Cal’s Thursday Techniques, and SNAP:2012 (photography challenge) I don’t know what to take on next.  Thankfully there is no pressure, and no need to get manic about it (although there is a challenge to do one of each thing to get your name in the hat to win a Daylight light, it’s just for January, then everyone can slow right down) which is just how I like it.

Have some car stuff to sort out today, then DD gets her new leg brace made tomorrow and other boring stuff, during which I will ensure my wallet is clutched in my hot little hand the entire time. 🙂