Layout – and a conundrum


What a day I have had so far!  I had a few things I needed at the store so I scrapped a thick layer of frost off the windscreen and warmed the car up so I could dash off as soon as DDs bus left to take her to school.  I popped to Asda and did my shop.  I had a couple of bags of stuff for the charity shop so popped across the parking lot to drop them of.  I took out my wallet to show the Gift Aid card, then headed home.  At the last-minute I decided to pop in to Homebase for a shelf to extend the large Expidite-like Ikea unit I have – I figured I could go up in height to put some of my items on display where they wouldnt;t reduce my actual storage space.  When I go to the register, cue annoyance as I realized my wallet wasn’t in my purse.  I went back to the car, assuming it had fallen out on the floor and cur actual PANIC when I realized it wasn’t there.

Now it gets weird.  There was an elderly man walking past my car while I was clearly in a flap about my wallet.  He just stood there staring at me with this smile on his face.  I looked at him, simply unable to process why this guy was grinning.  He said “I was just wondering what you were looking for” to which I replied “My wallet.” He carried on grinning and walking and I carried on hunting under the seats, in the grocery bags and on the ground.  Oh how I wish I had asked him point blank had he seen it!  I went in to the store and had a look in the aisles I knew I visited and went to the service desk to report it but there was a queue.   I hopped in the car and headed back to the Charity Shop because that was the last place I KNEW I had it. No joy, and now DH was panicked as well.  He’s very good about photocopying the contents of his wallet, and I’m not so good.  But me losing mine meant him being inconvenienced as well if we had to replace all the cards, etc.

Back to Homebase, no queue so I stepped to the desk and asked if anyone had turned in a wallet.  She asked my name and pullet it from under the counter!!  The elderly man had found it and had literally just turned it in!!

OK so here is the conundrum! I can’t seem to decide if I wanted to thank him or give him a slap.  He asked me what I was looking for, I told him, he had found it, maybe even had it in his pocket WHEN I TOLD HIM, and never said a word, but waited till I drove away and THEN went to the store to turn it in.

In my more generous moments I can give him the benefit of the doubt, as what Brits call a “purse” I call a wallet, and what I call a purse, Brits call a “bag” or “handbag”.  So maybe he was confused.  But I was CLEARLY in a panic, LOOKING FOR SOMETHING.  He had found  SOMETHING, and clearly a pretty important something – the kind of something that someone would be in a flap about. Me in a flap, looking for something.  Him having found something.  If he would have said he found something, asked my name, or what it looked like, ANYTHING, he would have known it was mine and I would have thanked him over and over.  He would have felt good about helping someone, I would have had only 5 minutes of panic rather than 20, could have bought my shelf and gone home.  But no.

In the end all’s well that ends well, I have my wallet (and my shelf) but I will spend the rest of the day baffled by how the situation played out.  And wondering if I HAD asked him, would he have handed it over?  I have no idea.

On a brighter note I finally added the journaling and the title to that layout I posted AGES ago, and have taken to every crop for a couple of months and never managed to complete.  I just love the colours and the photo.  And I’m glad it’s finally done!

5 thoughts on “Layout – and a conundrum

  1. Great LO! Love all the polka dots and it really makes that cute photo pop. The little eye chart is too funny!
    As for the wallet…who knows what goes on in the heads of some men. Thankfully he passed the wallet in. On the other hand he could have helped avoid all the unnecessary stress for you. He apparently doesn’t realize that mommas are stressed enough! D’oh!

  2. The least he could have done was say ‘what’s it look like?’ so that he was sure he was giving it to the right person. Some people get a sick satisfaction out of winding people up. DD’s Dad does – that’s why he’s my ex!
    I share your panic – I left my debit card in the Tesco Express Sat morning when I bought petrol and only realised over an hour later. Queue DD’s strop because we couldn’t carry on shopping and had to go back get it!

  3. Personally I usually give people the benefit of the doubt but I think this time he was being a bully and getting his jollies from your discomfort.
    Shame on him.

  4. Hi there Maryanne, First of all commiserations in your utter frustration – have done the same thing at the markets of all places but the stall owner kept it for me and my panic was not as long lasted as yours!
    I did think of a comment I read today when I read your post and wonder if the old gentleman was having his chuckle for the day at your expense, knowing all along you would get your wallet or purse back in the long run! – here is the part of the comment I read on Brenda’s blog -Floral Fantasies: {they were discussing the post office Royal mail and the various hassles Brenda has had with them in a previous post and this comment was in relation to the post earlier}
    “My daughter’s father-in-law deliberately likes to go to the grumpy assistant for his pension just to annoy them. It’s just mischief on his part as he’s a lovely man.”
    So maybe this was just mischief on his part at your expense – so glad all was well and as he would no doubt have said – all’s well that ends well!
    Maybe the post of the layout title was rather ironic in light of the hiding of your wallet! love Shaz in Oz.x

  5. Well, for me of course it would be a resounding slap followed by a big old hug!! Thing is…I know what you’re saying about purse/wallet and I think if he had been a woman, he’d have chatted a bit and mentioned his find..but elderly and bloke…not really surprised. Although I am!! But as you see, with a 24hour gap on the perspective, it’s all good and hey to use an expression from Yorkshire that Bill Bryson so loved -….there’s nowt so queer as folk!

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