52 cards – a year long undertaking

OK, so here’s the deal.  I had a plan for 2012 – I had this deck of cards, which you mat recall from a triptych card I did last year:

I wanted an interesting base to experiment with art-journaling techniques, which is not something I’m really comfortable with. These are BIG so plenty of room to do a lot.  The idea was to do one card a week and at the end of 52 weeks I would have a completely decorated deck, and have tried out a load of techniques.  I could then, if I liked it enough, turn them into a proper deck of cards.  There are places that will take your art and put it on a deck for not a massive amount of money.  I’ve always wanted to do that, just never wanted to take it on using just a tiny card.

Anyway, I started – and it occurred to me that others may want to play along.  Or not LOL!  But I am on week three and I thought I would share my progress and see if anyone else is inspired to give it a go. You need one of the massive card decks (although you COULD do it on standard cards that really is quite a small area to work on and I feared detail would get totally lost) and then anything else arty that strikes your fancy.

Week one was the King of Diamond.

It’s hard to tell but the diamonds at the bottom are embossed and then I dragged a card in black paint to highlight the lines.  Stamped a few crowns and encircled them with red paint on a milk bottle top.  Stamped the word with a stamp I love but never really found a use for.  Not my favourite but acceptable for a first go.

Next week was the Queen of Diamonds.

Really liked the swirls stamped and clear embossed then spritzed over with two colours of red dye ink and a bit of purple Cosmic Shimmer.  So long as I don’t actually shake the bottle the CS spray acts ALMOST like plain dye spray! Some coffee stain stamped circles and white paint lines, a text stamp (pretty light and hard to see, but it’s there, and a big Q, tiny QUEEN and crown. Better, but still not my favourite!

This week was the Jack of Diamonds!

Def. my favourite so far.  And I can see an improvement in composition and technique so I am happy the project is doing what I hope it would, getting me comfortable with all the various techniques I know about but haven’t really made use of.

Stamped the yellow text and embossed then sprayed ink, swiped Distress ink, over stamped, dragged paint, etc. Here’s a bit of a close up:

So next week we move into numbers with the 10 of Diamonds.

It’s fun, and I hope I can make the time each week to keep it up because just playing with the supplies and trying out different things gives me a good sense of their properties.  I even thought I could switch tracks and turn it into an art journal of sorts, but if I were to do that I think I would not keep the numbers and suit on show but cover the card entirely.  So maybe after I finish this experiment I’ll feel like taking to that next level.

If you do think you might do something similar I’d love to see it.  I’ve not done any SBS photos because there are 1000 (who am I kidding? 100,000) people out there who are way better than I am at this sort of thing.  But if I ever do something that I think is uniquely my own, I will share more full.