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Loving this site.  I could pin 100 things with ease.  If you like watching videos, this is a great site.  What’s inspiring me today is sewing.  I’ve been looking at my sewing station and thinking since I made DS his tee-shirt quilt last year, I really haven’t taken the time to sew at all.  Paper is what I love, but fabric comes a close second.

Two things that really appeal to me – the easy quilt (and I think I have a charm-pack in my stash that would work fabulously for this) and the little fabric mannequin pin cushion.

Both projects have videos to watch and both are simply adorable. The quilt in particular is just lovely, so very, very simple to do and as you are “quilting as you go” the quilt is basically done when you are are done sewing all the grid lines – you need only sew the binding.

She uses flannel but you could surely use fabric for the squares. And it would be very cute using cut up clothing – I always send DDs outgrown clothes to the charity shop but I could see making a quilt like this from some favourites. Like with the tee-shirt quilt, she can have a quilt of fabric memories. And the frayed-edge results gives it a very homespun look.

The mannequin pincushion includes a downloadable template with a video to accompany it and uses a small amount of fabric.  But don’t stop there! There is so much more to see and learn.  Have a look.  You will be inspired for sure.

Now all I want to do is rush to the fabric store to get the things I don’t have (water-soluble pen and fabric glue stick) because I think I have a huge amount of flannel already in my stash, the charm squares pack, and maybe even some thin batting.  I am keen to give circles a go.  I figure I can cut the circles with my Nesties, and simply do more machine quilting lines to secure the circles. Something a bit like this:

Of course it’s a lot more work to sit and cut the circles, when squares are soooo much easier, but I might still decide to give it a go. Or maybe you will.

Anyway, that’s my SSE – I don’t always get around to doing one but I hope that when I do you are as inspired by the someplace-else sites as I am!

One thought on “Sunday-someplace-else (The DIY Dish)

  1. Nesties will cut fine flannel for sure – I tried it on DD’s old PJs to make some yoyos. You need tosend it through a couple of times to get a clean cut. That mannequin is amazing. I would love to try these projects but I think they are all on hold until I can cut down on my work hours.

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