Three from one!

I am still playing with my Cheery Lynn dies.  I was cutting bits out, making the flowers yesterday. and I then decided to see what I could do with the borders.

As you can see, if you cut just at the point of the border, sort of straight across the little point, you get both the full center lattice flower and the full border.

Then cutting a smaller centre flower (a different one to the ones from yesterday – there are so many options for this!) you get a pretty large lattice missing only the middle.

Going back to the border for a moment, if you fold it and stick a pattern (one full chevron, two stuck together)  you get another complete circle.

I think in future I might cut the strips of tape thinner and add them to one side or the other instead of right down the middle, ad the middle has holes and the tape peeps thru.

Then you can stick it around a circle for the base.

I used the other Cherry Lynn doily die I got for that but a large plain circle works as well! So, from one die cut you can get three items that all work well as card toppers or on scrapbook pages (although the folded border it a bit on the tall side I don’t think it is significantly taller than a rosette, for example.

You can see it only takes something large to fill the center of the lattice to make it useful!

You know me – if I can find a way to use up my scrapping and cardmaking waste, I’ll do it.  I just hate throwing useful bits away, especially when they are so pretty.

Initially, I think this was my least favourite (of the two LOL!) dies but in the end I have found so much to do with it.  I’ll have to move on to the other one at some point but there is too much else on my plate to do that today.

Have a lovely weekend – I’ll be cropping, and am as yet unprepared so that is top of my list today (after admin for UKS!)