WOYWW 136 – Birthday card

Hello again to all the WOYWW visitors.  Hope you will find the time to pop over to Julia’s place and see all the other workdesks.  If you never have gone on a WOYWW hop, you’ll love it.

Now, what IS on my workdesk today?

A bit of a mess on my satellite table, actually.

I tend to come up with an idea and work it to death.  My petal printables have been so much fun, but I feel like I am nearing the end of my interest in them.  I’ve done a couple of sets and so many samples, that doing too many more would begin to feel redundant.  I am playing with a sample I created yesterday from an idea posted in the comments a day or so before.  FruitySuet fom UKS suggested making some with a phrase, spread over the different petals, a nice extension from the Love & Marriage ones.  Great idea!  Had a think and came up with WISHING/YOU ALL/THE BEST/ON YOUR/BIRTHDAY.  Five groups, five petals, and size-wise the words work. I made a strip and printed them and made a card.

Love the colours (blue, white, and red again) and again with the trimmed down doily die from Shopkeeper Gal.  Just love that, and as you can see from the aforementioned debris, I have other ideas for using parts of the die-cuts in interesting ways.

So now I am sure the folds work well, and the words are the right length, I’ll make a full page and add it for download probably tomorrow – if I finish it up today. I am thinking the same phrase, as it is so useful, in a variety of colours in addition to black and brown.

I am thinking that today I want to add some little red circles to the blank circles on the card.  Just not sure if the dot will add punch to the card or detract.  I’ll test it out and see and maybe add a new version tomorrow as well.

I always seem to have so much to do on a Weds.  And another crop this weekend, loads of admin over on UKS keeping me busy, and luckily a handful of ideas rattling around in my head to play with. See you at yours later in the day!