A bit about punch placement

Remember how I mentioned yesterday that I make the mistakes so you don’t have to? I wanted to say a little bit more about the punch placement to make things easier for you.

The text curve on the motifs fit the folds if you punch with the text just under the punched edge at the top.

Sorry about the little extra cut on show – taking a photo with one hand while holding the punch in the other is not easy LOL! But can you see how the curve of the text is pretty close to the cutting edge?

If you shift the text down too far, what will happen is you will be left with a set of petals that don’t really fit when you try to join them.Can you see the gap there on the right? If I made the folds any tighter so they fit, the first and/or last letter of the text curve might be covered.  Can you see how much space I have over the text?  Too much.  Shifting that ever so slightly, you can see the petals DO fit much better.

I’ll be adding this to the to post in the Freebie Printables menu in the top bar so all the posts concerning these can be found in one place.