Working on a new set

I am working on a new set of petals.  It’s a bit tricky in that the font needs to be just right.  The circle is quite small, and when I bind the text to the path (the curve of the petal edge) it wants to distort sometimes.  And descenders (like lower case Y and G) bump into the dotted line.  I could remove it, but I like how it looks and how it defines the punched circle, so I am trying to avoid that.  I like this font, BPScript, as it’s a bit script-y and pretty without being too slanted so it curves nicely. It’s not PERFECT but it might be OK.

Here is a card I made with one of the new ones.  I wanted LOVE AND MARRIAGE but that’s too long so I split it. Which works, but having a duplicate word or a blank petal looks rubbish so I added in one that says CONGRATS.  Not 100% sure about it so do comment if you love it or hate it.

Is it too OTT?  I just don’t make cards that often and tend to go a bit overboard when I do!

I tied the stems of the flowers but the thickness may be a bit much.

You won’t see anything there that you won’t have seen here, but I did a little YouTube doodah and here it is: