WOYWW 135 – finally creative again


I am so hoping to get round the WOYWW desks today as I have been too long not doing anything crafty for myself and will welcome the inspiration. And as I will be cropping with the most excellent Julia on Saturday, I really must not sit blank faced when she starts off with Oh did you SEE …. on WOYWW?? Fabulous!  Having said that it IS DSs birthday today (19!) and I owe him his traditional gnocchi with gorgonzola and walnut cream sauce – not the sort of meal you just throw together, and not one DD will eat so at least two meals to cook, really.  So I’ll do my best.

I mentioned yesterday that I was making some folded dahlias.  They have been around for yonks (in my travels I found a YT video from 2008) but I had the idea that I it would look so cool if I could add some text to the petals.  When I saw a different version that used only five, rather than eight petals I was sure I could do it.  Then I had to have a think about how BEST to do it.

I thought of stamping , but that was way to fiddly and time consuming. so I decided to make a printable.  I have to tweak it just a bit, then I will add it for download and maybe do a YouTube doodah as well.  I still have a few more samples to complete (and that is what is on my W this W) but here I two, in true Blue Peter fashion, I prepared earlier.

The first is aqua and red, with a big Prima bloom in the centre (but it looks cute with a shiny Paperchase sticker as well as with a button) and could almost work for a baby boy:

I had a heck of a time finding a good font, one that had some character, but was readable in a pretty small size, and looked good curved around the petal!

The next one, I wanted to take the printable one and make it a bit more vintage. I did that by printing the strip on plain card then sticking that to kraft cardstock.  The fact the two side are stuck means that when you fold them you get a little border on the petal, which I really like.

And the circle from the printable, which is a dusty rose sort of colour, is covered, mostly, with a small vintage button and topped with another button tied with raffia. I have a couple more ideas to work on  that will, I hope, let you alter the printables (without PSE or other editing software) so they are usable with many other colours.  I just have to work it out.

When I do, you know I will share.  But first, to the desks!

Happy 2012 to you all and hope your holiday was a happy one.

43 thoughts on “WOYWW 135 – finally creative again

  1. Those are lovely flowers, another thing to have a go at for me. thank you for sharing them with us. xx Maggie #73

  2. Maryanne these are really lovely again – you are so versatile and clever!thanks so much for popping over, for sharing. Happy WOYWW! Love, Shaz in Oz. x #24

  3. Just amazing flowers

  4. I love the flowers you made, they are beautiful, and I can’t wait to give them a go!

  5. Gorgeous flowers you have made there. I look forward to seeing the printable you do when you do it!
    I am afraid I am with DD on the dinner choice!!
    Have fun at the crop. Must get my scrapbooking stuff under way again!

  6. Those flowers are just beautiful… I loved seeing how they were made and can’t wait to give them a go… thanks for the inspiration… happy WOYWW..xx

  7. I love your flowers. I will have to seek out the tutorial as I love teabag folding which is pretty similar.

  8. Your flowers are so lovely! I have made that type of flower before as well, just never thought to add text! A great addition!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Fantastic flowers. Happy new year to you and yours

  10. Happy 2012 to you I love the flowers you have made. Thanks for sharing. Anne x

  11. Love the dahlias – what a fab idea to add the text – works really well (Hazel, WOYWW 108) x

  12. Wow those flowers are just scrumptious. Happy wishes for your Son! I love gnocchi and wow does that sound del-ish and about a million calories I bet! Happy WOYWW #5 Robin Panzer Art Studio 33

  13. Gorgeous flowers and so beautifully neat

  14. I admit I didn’t quite understand those flowers until I saw the close up photos. I do like them very much and you are right to include text on the petals. How fun!

  15. Great dahlias. Happy, crafty and creative 2012! x Jo

  16. Those dahlias really are so cool! Great addition to any desk!
    JoZarty x

  17. Love the flowers, they are gorgeous and you are so kind sharing your printables – I am an avid user of them, so thank you very much!

    Sue 104

  18. Your flowers are beautiful! I have not seen them around before but I have a feeling yours are a step above the usual, so maybe I just don’t recognize the transformation 🙂
    And the meal you are going to prepare for your son sounds so yummy! I am now hungry for that and it is only 8 am!
    xoxo Karen

  19. Your flowers are fabulous! Thank you for sharing and have a good WOYWW x

  20. These flowers are great looking!!! My favorite between the two is the vintage one. The font is perfect too!!! Very nice.

    Thanks for sharing.

    WOYWW #92 (yikes!)

  21. I love those flowers! The font is perfect, and that blue one can definitely be used for a baby boy! I can’t wait for you to post the template so I can make a few as well! I hope your son has a wonderful birthday, the gnocchi sound delicious – they are one of my favorites, but unfortunately, I’d have to make two dinners if I made that too, I’m the only one who likes gnocchi!

  22. Hi Mary Anne, the flowers are lovely – I particularly like the vintage look one – lbeing a visual learner I ook forward to seeing your video demonstration. The font you’ve used is rather nice too. All the best, Elizabeth x #60

  23. Love those flowers and would like a tut too! Happy Birthday to DS, hope everyone enjoys their respective meals! I’m a Gnocchi fan, but then, anything with potato in it gets my vote!

    Brenda 76

  24. The trouble with WOYWW is that sometimes you get sucked into a blog and it won’t let go. This happens whenever I visit yours. I promise myself that I will get through X amount of blogs in my lunchbreak and then I hit a doozer and am held like glue reading the great content. So, to put it all in a nutshell – love the flowers, both the 5 and 8 petal variety, love the book thingy, very detailed and complicated, Happy Birthday DS and I totally agree with you about Pinterest.

    I think I should move on now.

    See you Saturday, hopefully!

  25. I love these ….think I must have a go ….might ignite my creativity. Love your idea on the previous post ….but I cant even get nestabitlies to cut material on my big shot …what am I doing wrong???

    • I think it’s a matter of pressure. You could try adding a shim of thick card, to try to increase the pressure. I don’t have much experience with big shots but I know with the Grand Calibur that sometimes helps.

      Good luck!


  26. ooooh those are rather lovely

  27. Love those flowers, I have not seen them before, great job love the vintage look. x x x Hugs May x x

  28. Not a gnocchl fan myself but I love blue cheese so just the sauce for me please. Love your pretty flowers especially the vintage one
    Ann B

  29. Happy New year to you. I hope 2012 is a full, busy, fun and creative time for you. Those flowers are lovely, thanks for sharing.

  30. Well happy returns to DS, my goodness, he has a matured taste for a fave meal! I don’t like gnocchi, so wish you luck with that! Loving the dahlias…especially the font. See, I’d run a mile in tight shoes to avoid turning to the computer instead of stamping!!

  31. Love these flowers, so unusual and pretty. Happy WOYWW
    Cathy xx

  32. happy new year…thanks for the first crafty snoop of the year..wishing you a happy 2012…hugs kath (29) xxx

  33. Your flowers are gorgeous, I’m impressed that you spent the time working out how to get them the way you wanted 😀
    Helen S

  34. Great flowers – I have not come across them before. Happy WOYWW.

  35. Am almost salivating at the thoughts of that gnocchi creation – any chance you printing the recipe?Lovely flowers, each and every one of them. Thanks for sharing – Hugs, Neet #1

  36. Lovely toppers you have made there, and supper sounds lush!
    Kyla #21

  37. I have seen these and used some on a scrapbook LO, but not as beautiful as yours at all!
    Happy WOYWW

  38. Love those little circle things and will await the tutorial which will perhaps get me over the horror of printing in circles!! The birthday dinner sounds yummy… it’s my birthday today so can I have some? LOL

  39. What beautiful unusual flowers they look really effective.Have fab wednesday
    hugs judex 10

  40. These are simply lovely and I will be looking it up on youtube asap. I actually think the less petals with flower looks very pretty. Can’t wait for the printables. I am off to make some dahlias after a quick whip around woyww.

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