WOYWW 135 – finally creative again

I am so hoping to get round the WOYWW desks today as I have been too long not doing anything crafty for myself and will welcome the inspiration. And as I will be cropping with the most excellent Julia on Saturday, I really must not sit blank faced when she starts off with Oh did you SEE …. on WOYWW?? Fabulous!  Having said that it IS DSs birthday today (19!) and I owe him his traditional gnocchi with gorgonzola and walnut cream sauce – not the sort of meal you just throw together, and not one DD will eat so at least two meals to cook, really.  So I’ll do my best.

I mentioned yesterday that I was making some folded dahlias.  They have been around for yonks (in my travels I found a YT video from 2008) but I had the idea that I it would look so cool if I could add some text to the petals.  When I saw a different version that used only five, rather than eight petals I was sure I could do it.  Then I had to have a think about how BEST to do it.

I thought of stamping , but that was way to fiddly and time consuming. so I decided to make a printable.  I have to tweak it just a bit, then I will add it for download and maybe do a YouTube doodah as well.  I still have a few more samples to complete (and that is what is on my W this W) but here I two, in true Blue Peter fashion, I prepared earlier.

The first is aqua and red, with a big Prima bloom in the centre (but it looks cute with a shiny Paperchase sticker as well as with a button) and could almost work for a baby boy:

I had a heck of a time finding a good font, one that had some character, but was readable in a pretty small size, and looked good curved around the petal!

The next one, I wanted to take the printable one and make it a bit more vintage. I did that by printing the strip on plain card then sticking that to kraft cardstock.  The fact the two side are stuck means that when you fold them you get a little border on the petal, which I really like.

And the circle from the printable, which is a dusty rose sort of colour, is covered, mostly, with a small vintage button and topped with another button tied with raffia. I have a couple more ideas to work on  that will, I hope, let you alter the printables (without PSE or other editing software) so they are usable with many other colours.  I just have to work it out.

When I do, you know I will share.  But first, to the desks!

Happy 2012 to you all and hope your holiday was a happy one.