Finally! Something new.


DS is not quite gone yet, and I am still busy with administrative tasks, but I did want to share a little something today – and I hope, if I find the time, something more tomorrow.

Now, you will surely have seen these flowers before.  The first time I saw them was in PaperCraft Inspirations, but they have been around for a few years at least.  They are simple to make, just a little punching and folding and there are 100s of tutorials on t’internet to guide you.  I’m not going to re-do one.  This YouTube tutorial is as good as any of them, and ditto this visual step-by-step.

The difference with mine is the coloured part is fabric rather than paper.  I really like the texture it adds. But at first I wasn’t sure I could do what I wanted as getting my Grand Calibur to cut through the backing on the sticky Xyron adhesive with the pinked circles was frustrating.  Laying out the sticky-backed fabric, then the die, and cranking it thru one by one for each pinked circle was just annoying.  The paper part I could use a punch for but no punch was going to cut the fabric cleanly.  But even using the GC I wasn’t getting clean cuts. And as I want to eventually try making one with all fabric, that was something I needed to solve.

I still have/buy/use punches a lot, esp. circles and scalloped circles, because I like the grab-and-go nature of a punch (v the lug-my-huge-GC nature of my Nesties.)  I was just musing to myself that I wished I had a hand-held pinked circle punch that was strong enough to cut thru both fabric and backing, when I had one of those lightbulb moments. And it worked. See how clean that punched?

All I did was put the small die in my old QuicKutz handle and punch it by hand.

The magnetic plate grabs the die and holds it in place.  A quick squeeze of the handle and a perfect, sticky fabric pinked circle results. Getting the die out does require a pokey tool or something thin to nudge it, but I can live with that.

So this means that, at least for the smaller sizes, I can take a book ring with 12 dies that I can use with the QK handle and NOT have to drag along all the dies the GC, or 12 punches. And this way I get no embossing around the edge, which for the smaller dies is more often what I actually WANT and why I have the same sizes as punches.

What fits?

Scalloped Circles Large – just the smallest.  Scalloped Circles Small – smallest two

Pinked Circles Large  – smallest two, Pinked Circles Small  – smallest two

Circles Large  – smallest two, Circles Small  – smallest three

I assume many of the smallest bracket or label dies will work like this (certainly the square ones, less likely the rectangles) and although you do lose the ability to place your paper or card perfectly to punch  out a motif for example, for overall patterns or cardstock it works a treat.

Hopefully see you tomorrow for WOYWW.


2 thoughts on “Finally! Something new.

  1. Wow! I love these rosettes! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Just love the rosette. Thanks for the idea,
    JoZarty x

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