Having a little re-org on my blog

Well, slowly, slowly, I have been building my pages.  If you look to the top bar, under the banner, you can see there is a page for Free Printables, and one for my Stampotique projects.  A lot of work now, for potentially better access for my handful of readers, and easier for me to update the categories with new additions.  Managing the HTML code for the sidebars and the teeny tiny photos was a pain.  In particular, as I started working with the info, I found that many, many projects span a number of posts.  This way I can not only add a bigger image, so people can really SEE what they are downloading, but also link to more than one post that may have info.  I think that will be a real benefit.

Also, I was able to add a couple of printables that I had lingering on my Mac that I haven’t shared before, and one that I think I only ever shared on UKS.  So that’s good too.

I feel like I should do the same for my PDF downloads, if only because the way it is set up now, you click the project image and you get the download automatically.  People may prefer to see more about the project rather than download it then just trash it if they don’t like it.  I am as yet undecided.  Maybe I’ll do both.

Now I really must attack my room.  It’s in chaos.  And tonight we are putting up the tree.  I have a pot of chicken soup on the go, a new Glee from iTunes to watch with DD, and a crop to prepare for tomorrow!

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Lucky, lucky me!

Scrappers are such a lovely lot.  A while back I posted about chatting to Sanna after doing some printables for Shimelle’s blog, and her very kindly sending me a sample magazine from her home in Austria.  One of my comments on that post was from Jennifer Rogers, who offered to send me a couple of magazines from South Africa.

Well, it’s been a while, and I kinda, sorta forgot all about them.  But what dropped onto my mat today?  Two, yes TWO new mags.  One, Scrap Affairs, is in English.  The other,  Scrapbooking & kie , is in English and Afrikaans.

  There are some fab projects in both of them, and a few products I’ve not seen before.  One of them is a Family Tree die-cut that is just lovely.  The company that seems to produce it is called Celebr8 but the website has no real info and the die cut isn’t one of the sample images.  I’d scan the page, but am wary of sharing the layout from the mag without an OK.  Try though I might I simply cannot find an image online,  Is this the Filter Bubble in action?  All I know is I have Googled and Googled and nothing is coming up. It’s very swirly, with big open circles for photos, and just sweet as can be.  Typically I prefer the one NOT totally in english, but there are some good photos for most things which is enough to play along.

It’s interesting to see how scrapping differs, country by country, and it does differ a little but not so hugely as you might expect.  One thing that is immediately noticeable is how few single-photo layouts there are.  I counted TWO in scrap Affairs, in more than 50 layouts.  Scraping & Kie has more, but they all seem to be on the couple of pages with small images of their Charity Scrap Challenge – 16 layouts and by far the majority (12) are single pagers. It also has a free paper, again, not the slickery paper I’m used to seeing in UK mags, but proper cardstock.  Scrap Affairs has a column by Clive – yes, a MAN!  Just the one issue, so no idea if he is regularly featured or not.  And his layout is really nice – it’s actually a bi-fold tray with a layout as the top.  Very vintage and Tim Holtz-y.

So, if I can track down that email, I owe Jennifer a big thank-you. I’ve had a long lunch, flipping thru them, and really enjoyed it.  Of course my desk is still a huge mess, I have UKS business stuff scattered hither and yon, and windows pen all over my desktop trying to sort out a template for someone. Ah well…..



WOYWW 131 – still cards!

Still cards.   So these are the ones I will make for DH to give to his mates.  They aren’t girly, I don’t think, and should go together pretty quickly. The printable sheet is here for you. I make no bones about the fact I’m not keen on the traditional shades of red and green for Christmas, too bright and primary, but I included a couple in that sort of colourway in this cause I know I may be the oddball in that.

The PDF has three word strips perfect for 5 inch wide cards (no idea what the card number is for that (smaller than 1/4 an A4 sheet, I do know that!) and the smaller tags can actually be used for a 4 1/4 inch wide card or as tags for gifts.  The best thing to do is cut off the strips with the tags, then you can chop up the three larger blocks easily.

Here are the sample cards I am working on today:

Making use of the embossing folder, I can emboss just the middle of the card, and place the strip at the bottom so it looks like the whole card is embossed.  Clever, humm? Here are a couple of the tags – yes, I am already wrapping up a few gifts!

You could easily turn the tags into cards if you wanted.  So that’s what’s on my workdesk today!  With any luck my lousy track record of the last couple of very busy weeks will be corrected today.  And if you have no idea what I am on about, you really need to stop by and see Julia’ Mr. Linky list at The Stamping Ground for inspirational desk worldwide.


Sunday-someplace-else – Worst Nativity sets ever.

Humm.  I’ve been so busy I didn’t even notice that for some reason this did’t publish when I told it to.  So two today!

Still deep in the throes of UKS work, setting up the daily posts for December (and I think you will love the projects I’ve highlighted) but again, my FIL has sent me a fabulous email full of what can only be labelled the worst Nativity sets ever.  Honestly, I like a bit of crafty fun, but there are some examples here that are, at best, misguided.

I mean, really.  Marshmallows and S’mores??

Bacon?  Really, who thought this was a good idea?

And carrying on with the pork theme, piggies

and the totally weird zombie nativity

What a great way to spend a little time getting in the holiday spirit than checking out the whole sorry list found here?

Sad to be missing my crop today, but sometimes, no matter how much I want to go other things just take over….


Finally! Card production line

I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on the business stuff so I took some time to assemble the cards for Maddie to give out, probably next week at school.  I may need to make a few more, and I know DH will want a handful for mates at the pub, the building caretaker, etc.  Not THIS one, but that will have to wait for tomorrow.

I have about 15 of them ready tp go, which should cover the kids and teachers/class helpers.  Then she will need a few for her skating helper and friends there.  How is it possible that someone who doesn’t usually make or give Christmas cards winds up being the production line?

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Too busy to blog!

It’s just been crazy around here and I have simply not had the time to do anything even remotely crafty.  But my FIL sent me this little gen this morning and I thought it was so fabulous I thought I would share a couple of the geeky  goodies.

First, for the steampunk fans, this USB typewriter.  Type on the keys and it shows on the screen.  Genius.  Expensive, but a DIY kit can be had for $74.


Read about how it works here.

And while I know sme people hate the idea of re-purposing books, I liked this idea of taking an old book (or even a new one) and turning it into a charging dock for the iPhone.  I wonder what Siri would say?

and this one is ALMOST scrappy, pixel tape.

So maybe just the thing for the geek in your family for Christmas.