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Of camera chargers, misspellings, and pins

A mixed bag of nothing today.  Until about the 5th, when I should have all the UKS stuff sorted, and when DS leaves <quiet sob> back to Uni, crafting time will be thin on the ground.  But there are a couple of things rolling around in my head.

The best news is DH managed to locate a new plug so I can charge my camera!  YAY!  I felt like there must be one in those cable boxes and there was. Although with nothing on my desk, really, it won’t get much use this week anyway. I do have some progress on the Z-fold album from YONKS ago.  I had thought I might give it to DDs escort as a gift, but in conversation with her it seemed she might appreciate smellies or yummies rather than handmade so I kept it for me, shelved it for a year, and am now finishing it off with some photos I hope someone will enjoy.  I’ll say no more here.

and the inside so far:

Still work to be done, but I’m happy with it so far.

The worst news is someone commented on my Christmas printables (the word strips) pointing out the natives were restless, because of the jungle bells. DOH!  What can I say?  That I am mortified that I added a download that had a misspelling in it?  I am.  That I promise never to let it happen again?  Well, I can try.  The thing is, I looked at that 100 times.  I spell checked it,  I showed it to people.  I posted it.  No one commented on it. Is it a case of your eyes seeing what they expect to see? Or the oddness of the font?   In any case, I corrected and reloaded the PDF so if you want it again, feel free (it’s in the Printables menu at the top) to grab that.

Lastly, not news at all but a musing on Pinterest.  I do love it, but I wish there was some sort of thing that at least alerted you to the fact the thing you are pinning, that you thought was unique, because YOU hadn’t seen it before, had been pinned 1000 times before.  I pinned a denim quilt, because I was hunting for a good pattern to use up the jeans that don’t fit anymore (oddly, he lost weight at Uni – I always heard you gained 10 lbs freshman year!) and then looked at the More From: strip to see that had been pinned 100s of times by others.  Who knew?  Not me!

Ditto the Handmade Ryan Gosling site – hysterical, BTW, and I’ll add one here to amuse you:

I’ve seen the problem with a couple of my things that got pinned by others. The brayer glitter glue over embossing has been pinned close to 20 times.  Ditto the Faux Bakers twine post and video (although The Frugal Crafter’s post about it and her re-do of it may have been pinned MORE often.)

In some ways I like the idea of Pinterest identifying a pin as one that is ALREADY on the site and only allowing re-pins of the original.  I suppose that robs you of the momentary feeling that you found something cool (before you are crushed by the fact you have come very late to the party LOL!) and probably only helps those who get pinned to really see what has captured people’s interest in their blog stats for example.

And about blog stats – yesterday I was pretty stunned to see I had my busiest day ever, about 1500 hits, all from SCS and a post about that glitter glue technique.  It’s quite interesting to me that the two things that people really seem to like, the faux baker’s twine and the glue technique, were both things that I thought of and executed in 10 minutes and I considered pretty throw-away posts, gap fillers, not WOW! posts at all. Stuff I worked for AGES on, that I thought was really cool, gets ignored.  Go figure.

I may find the time to pop in again between now and next week, and I have two different minis that I am anxious to perfect and share so at leatst I know there is crafting in my future, if not today!

Have a good one.