Christmas printables!


Usually I do a Sunday-someplace-else, as you may know, where I highlight ..someplace else {grin} But as I have been pretty much AWOL for a week with my back, I thought I would share a printable that I made for some last minute cards.

Back a few months, I mentioned that  Shimelle had used one of my favourite colour combos, red and aqua, for a colour challenge on her blog.  I  planned then and there for that to be my Christmas colour inspiration.  But it seems I was not the only one!  Red, and teal/aqua/turquoise seems to be very on trend this year.  I am seeing it EVERYWHERE.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love it, but seeing it all over as a Christmas theme made it feel unoriginal and made me less inclined to use it.

Well. darn it, I still like it. and Just cause it’s popular I am not going to let that stop ME from using it.  Truth be told I did another version of this wreath in more the colours I’ve used on other printables and it just lacked the PUNCH that I wanted.

I need a few quick cards (how is it that happens?  You think you are done then all of a sudden you need a handful more?) so I wanted these to be QUICK.  The PDF has six images – three bigger and three smaller.  As usual, I tested them and the cutting info is:

Large motif – cut with the largest Nestie in Standard Circles Small

Mat for large motif – largest Nestie in Standard Circles Large

Small motif – 4th one up in Standard Circles Small OR 3″ punch

I haven’t tried the Neste Scallops and Pinked edge circles, but based on past cutting I feel pretty confident the same sizes will work for those versions as well.

And of course you can always resize them in Photoshop or some similar program.

If you use the Nestie, you can punch thru the red-centred circle as shown on the right.  with the scallop punch you have room to punch outside the wreath.

And I made one quick card to show you:

The centre band of red hides the join where the embossing folder doesn’t match up.  And the wreath is popped on dots.

You may recall I mentioned visitors.  One of them I met in London, as he was only here for about 48 hours.  He works at a movie studio and was in town for a party promotion.  We had just enough time to see a matinée of The Pitman Painters (excellent) before he had to dash.  Why am I telling you this?  Because he asked if I had a converter for his boyfriend’s clippers, so he could give himself a quick haircut before the party.  Stupidly, I listened to DH when he said The one for your camera should work… I thought the haircut would happen BEFORE we had to hightail it from the Excel Centre to the theatre and I would be coming home with my charger.  Nope.  He’s coming back in January so I suppose I’ll get it then, but in the meantime, my camera is flashing red and the photos I have may be the last I can take till I get that sorted.  I’m hoping DH has another converter in the oh, maybe 15 boxes of cables, plugs, converters, transformers, etc between the garage and the office!  If I can’t take photos of Christmas because I am a numpty, I have no one to blame but myself!

I’m very happy to say DS is home from Scotland and Uni, and my back is MUCH better, finally, so I can move to the OTC painkillers  rather than the industrial strength ones.  That keeps me aware of when I am overdoing it, so I don’t re-injure it, a def. worry with so much to do still before the BIG DAY.

I’m blithering.  Best get on with it.

4 thoughts on “Christmas printables!

  1. Merry Christmas. TFS.

  2. Glad you’re on the way to recovery. Pretty card and I love the colours. My ds is back from Uni too. All six of us sat down last night to watch a film and it was great. I have missed him so much. We all have.

    • It’s taken less than 24 hours for the bloom to be off the rose 🙂 I forgot how much he likes to annoy his sister and how much I dislike the resulting squealing from her! But it is nice to have the whole family together once again! I know I’ll miss him terribly when he goes back. At least he will be here for his birthday as well. Enjoy!

  3. ah so lovely again Maryanne mind you never seem to get past the blithering stage myself – happy and safe Christmas, Shaz in Oz.x

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