Sitting! but only for a bit

I had hoped that my back would be so much better by today that I would be more or less back to normal.  Silly me.  I have been scaling back the painkillers but I still need them to do…well much of anything really.  So I thought I would blog to say thanks for all the lovely comments of sympathy and well wishes, and by way of a thank you I would do another little collection of printables from around the web.  I don’t need to be at my desk to do that, as I don’t have to upload any photos.  That ain’t going to happen till next week for sure.

So enjoy and I hope I’ve found a few you may not have seen. Clicking the image should take you to the site where you can download it.

This set is perfect for anyone that needs reminding that Christmas is the 25th and presents really shouldn’t be opened any earlier.  I am reminded of a mate of my brother’s, who opened a gift early (a coat) wore it to a party and came home with a burn hole and wine stain.  Cheekily he wrapped it up again and acted very surprised when he re-opened it on Christmas morning and displayed the damage!

Simple gift tags here, but also a lovely recipe. In the UK I’ve heard you can use Golden Syrup instead of corn syrup, just FYI.

Always a wealth of goodies at Tip Junkie but I just found these from way back in 2008 and had not seen them before.  They made me smile! Lots more on the page.

Loads on here too, all in bright Christmas colours.

Our own lovely Kate Hadfield, UKS digital sponsor and digi designer with a cute and whimsical style, offers these freebies.  Bag toppers for Snowman Soup and Reindeer Treats.

My favourite from last year – I used this one A LOT. I just thought it bore re-posting in case you missed it.

And finally, for this post, in any case, I go back every year to Orangeyoulucky for the quirky gift tags.  You can see the 2010 set here and the 2009 Holiday labels here.  These are just some the 2011 ones.

Happy printing!