I am currently lying flat on my back, dopey on painkillers, due to the supreme stupidity of thinking I am still fit enough to move heavy furniture and drag boxes in from the garage.  DH has been swamped at work and I thought I would lighten the load, rather than leave the whole tree thing till he had time.  Stupid.

So while I have a mini to share, from my Saturday crop, I can’t manage to sit at my desk (or indeed at all) to organise it.  Right now my full focus is healing up so I can at least make one of DDs ice shows this week.

No one to blame but myself, but that doesn’t stop me from weeping with frustration.  With so much still to do, I need this like a hole in the head.

And one-finger typing while laying flat is not easy, or fast.

So no crafty bits from me for a bit.  Now, I wonder if this post from my iPad will even work….