Having a little re-org on my blog


Well, slowly, slowly, I have been building my pages.  If you look to the top bar, under the banner, you can see there is a page for Free Printables, and one for my Stampotique projects.  A lot of work now, for potentially better access for my handful of readers, and easier for me to update the categories with new additions.  Managing the HTML code for the sidebars and the teeny tiny photos was a pain.  In particular, as I started working with the info, I found that many, many projects span a number of posts.  This way I can not only add a bigger image, so people can really SEE what they are downloading, but also link to more than one post that may have info.  I think that will be a real benefit.

Also, I was able to add a couple of printables that I had lingering on my Mac that I haven’t shared before, and one that I think I only ever shared on UKS.  So that’s good too.

I feel like I should do the same for my PDF downloads, if only because the way it is set up now, you click the project image and you get the download automatically.  People may prefer to see more about the project rather than download it then just trash it if they don’t like it.  I am as yet undecided.  Maybe I’ll do both.

Now I really must attack my room.  It’s in chaos.  And tonight we are putting up the tree.  I have a pot of chicken soup on the go, a new Glee from iTunes to watch with DD, and a crop to prepare for tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “Having a little re-org on my blog

  1. I’ve wanted to add extra pages since I started and wasn’t sure how to get things to work the way I wanted. Please may I come ask if I get stuck?

    • Absolutely 🙂 But I do thing you need to look at the theme you selected and make sure it supports pages – I’m not sure but it might be Custom Menu as a theme option? If you click NEW in your Dashboard and select PAGE rather than POST that should accomplish it. Have a look at that and if you get stuck do come back to me.


  2. I am not sure what to do???? If anything??? Thanks!

    • Nothing really unless you want to 🙂 I had the printables as a list, with no images, in the right sidebar, and the Stampotique projects too, with very very small pictures. I felt like it made the sidebar really cluttered. Some stray piece of HTML made it display oddly on my iPad so I moved them to whole nwe pages. Right near the top, next to HOME and ABOUT, you can see a page for Freebie Printables and one for Stampotique Projects. Click and you will see ALL the items with a bigger picture AND lots of links to related posts (and what info you will find there!) under the photo.


      Mary Anne

  3. Nice work. Much easier to navigate, I think. Thanks!

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