Lucky, lucky me!

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Scrappers are such a lovely lot.  A while back I posted about chatting to Sanna after doing some printables for Shimelle’s blog, and her very kindly sending me a sample magazine from her home in Austria.  One of my comments on that post was from Jennifer Rogers, who offered to send me a couple of magazines from South Africa.

Well, it’s been a while, and I kinda, sorta forgot all about them.  But what dropped onto my mat today?  Two, yes TWO new mags.  One, Scrap Affairs, is in English.  The other,  Scrapbooking & kie , is in English and Afrikaans.

  There are some fab projects in both of them, and a few products I’ve not seen before.  One of them is a Family Tree die-cut that is just lovely.  The company that seems to produce it is called Celebr8 but the website has no real info and the die cut isn’t one of the sample images.  I’d scan the page, but am wary of sharing the layout from the mag without an OK.  Try though I might I simply cannot find an image online,  Is this the Filter Bubble in action?  All I know is I have Googled and Googled and nothing is coming up. It’s very swirly, with big open circles for photos, and just sweet as can be.  Typically I prefer the one NOT totally in english, but there are some good photos for most things which is enough to play along.

It’s interesting to see how scrapping differs, country by country, and it does differ a little but not so hugely as you might expect.  One thing that is immediately noticeable is how few single-photo layouts there are.  I counted TWO in scrap Affairs, in more than 50 layouts.  Scraping & Kie has more, but they all seem to be on the couple of pages with small images of their Charity Scrap Challenge – 16 layouts and by far the majority (12) are single pagers. It also has a free paper, again, not the slickery paper I’m used to seeing in UK mags, but proper cardstock.  Scrap Affairs has a column by Clive – yes, a MAN!  Just the one issue, so no idea if he is regularly featured or not.  And his layout is really nice – it’s actually a bi-fold tray with a layout as the top.  Very vintage and Tim Holtz-y.

So, if I can track down that email, I owe Jennifer a big thank-you. I’ve had a long lunch, flipping thru them, and really enjoyed it.  Of course my desk is still a huge mess, I have UKS business stuff scattered hither and yon, and windows pen all over my desktop trying to sort out a template for someone. Ah well…..


One thought on “Lucky, lucky me!

  1. Isn’t any treat lovely, but an unexpected one the best!
    I tend to flick through and look at the pics and then go back at greater leisure, sometimes months later, for in-depth detail, which makes a Magazine jolly good value for me if it’s any good!!

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