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Too busy to blog!

It’s just been crazy around here and I have simply not had the time to do anything even remotely crafty.  But my FIL sent me this little gen this morning and I thought it was so fabulous I thought I would share a couple of the geeky  goodies.

First, for the steampunk fans, this USB typewriter.  Type on the keys and it shows on the screen.  Genius.  Expensive, but a DIY kit can be had for $74.


Read about how it works here.

And while I know sme people hate the idea of re-purposing books, I liked this idea of taking an old book (or even a new one) and turning it into a charging dock for the iPhone.  I wonder what Siri would say?

and this one is ALMOST scrappy, pixel tape.

So maybe just the thing for the geek in your family for Christmas.