Quotes for life – mini-book

OK, so I made a bit of progress on my mini from yesterday, then wrenched my back badly doing some cleaning in preparation for our visitor’s return from his European jaunt.  Grrr.  I’ll share where I am going with it and some of the bits.

The basic book is sort of built on the Kennedy Book idea (PDF in the sidebar, right) but using coin envelopes rather than pieces of cardstock as the “pages”.

Each envelope is covered with a bit of Basic Grey Obscure, with a contrasting paper lining the interior.

Then I have a variety of things I add:

Some flourish stamps, some paint on an OJ bottle cap, some small stamps for text, and letter dies.

The paper-covered envelopes get sprayed with some sort of ink (either the ones I made from the little packs of scrapbooking dyes or Cosmic Shimmer Chalk ink – sometimes both although the chalk ink is hard to see) and splattered with white paint mixed with a little water – I have this mixed up in a spray bottle but I usually just pull out the spray part and flick it.

Each envelope is labeled with the day of the week, and has a bit of a song lyric that includes the day name.   The day-name is done with the letter dies and the additional text with the small stamps, usually on the same paper that lines the envelope.

It hopefully looks fairly grungy (which I always think of as boy more than girl) and enough contrast with the black and the white for even my colour-blind DS to appreciate.

The pages will get mounted on the accordion spine and then it will operate like the sliding Kennedy Book.  I hope – if it doesn’t work like I hope,  I can make it into a non-sliding book and not have lost all my hard work!

But now a diversion.  I am always dropping what I think of as little bits of wisdom (and he probably thinks of as little annoying lectures)  on my son.  I’m sure most parents do this, with more, or less, success than me.  I am always hugely happy when one of my little lessons lands on fertile ground and takes root.  A few years back we had a discussion (or I lectured him, depending on your POV) about cursing.  My lesson was that words have power.  Use them too often, and they lose that power.  A carefully placed curse  will provide impact, but save it for when you really NEED that impact. If every other word out of your mouth is a curse, the words lose all meaning.

Fast forward a year or more.

I forced DS to watch The Princess Bride.  I had tried to read him the book (and I often read to the kids on long car journeys so this was not an odd occurence) but what I found so funny about the book, the WAY it was written as an edited story told by the Grandfather, but including all the bits the grandfather left out,  he just didn’t get.  So I settled for making him watch the movie.  Inconceivable!

At the point in the movie when Inigo Montoya comes face to face with his father’s killer, he extends his recurring statement of My name is Inigo Montoya.  You killed my father. Prepare to die! to add  I want my father back you son of a bitch! My son turned to me and said Mom!  I know what you mean now! He only cursed that one time and it DID have more power! Oh joy!  It sank in.  And he was able to identify the lesson in the wild! Amazing.

So the idea of this envelope is to provide me a oppourtunity to pass on these sorts of little life-lessons from a distance.  I’ll hope, if I can manage to sit at my desk long enough to gently craft, that I can work on that aspect of it so I can share a visual rather than just tell you my plan. I think it’s pretty clever (modest? nope, not me) and hope it will work like I want it to.  And that DS will actually play his part in it when it’s done (and that, fellow crafters and Moms, is where it is likely to all break down.)

Watch this space.


WOYWW 127 – a little project

Well, I didn’t make as much progress yesterday on my little project for DS as I planned, but I have high hopes for today.  Well, after I stop by your desk to see what’s on it, for the once weekly WOYWW extravaganza.  And take DD ice skating (no, I don’t actually skate, just sit in the cold rink while she has a lesson), and shop for the Vegetarian’s return tomorrow.  He’s back for a few days before he and DH jet off to Austria and Romania for business meetings.

So what you are looking at are the bones of my project.  You can see the Cosmic Shimmer Chalk spray set I got with my renewal of Craft Stamper, as yet untested. A bunch of little envelopes, covered with Basic Grey Obscure – an impulse purchase from Shopkeeper Gal, and not my favourite collection from BG, but ideal for a boy-themed book as it’s not in the least pretty or vintage, more graffiti and grunge.  Since DS is colour-blind really I could make it in B&W and it would possibly be all the same to him, just way to boring to spend time on for ME!

We’ll see if it comes together like I hope it will.  Still a few decisions to be made but I have a vision in my head of what it will be like – hopefully the reality will match up to that vision.  Have a fabulous WOYWW day.

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Working on something

Not too many years have gone by, perhaps not even one, where I have failed to make something for DS.  Usually a book of some kind, usually documenting some aspect of the past yer.  But this year, as he is off at Uni, I have been mulling over an idea.  I’ve been busy collecting quotes, grabbing papers, and testing out ideas.  My room, which was approaching clean for the first time in a long time, is back to a mess on the floor, desk, satellite table, etc. Not quite to the point of sharing, but maybe a bit of it tomorrow.

One thing that is annoying me is finding the right quotes.  I was hoping to find one for every day of the week, but the ones I am finding that do contain the day-name, are not suitable.  I’ve shifted, and I think I’ll be doing maybe a snatch of a song instead.  What I’ve come up with so far is:

Just another manic Monday

Tuesday afternoon,
I’m just beginning to see

Listen to Wednesday‘s song

This must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays.

It’s Friday, Friday

Saturday, ever-loving Saturday

Sunday mornin’ comin’ down.

The Thursday one is actually a Doug Addams quote, but I may keep it anyway.  Maybe the quote itself, and the fact is is the only one that is different, makes it work.  The Friday one will make him laugh (or groan) because he HATES that song.  Not too sure about the Sunday one – “comin’ down” from what, I have to wonder?  But we shall see.  Likely it’ll get stuffed in a drawer and never looked at, but I can hope he’ll use it as I intend him to.  Really looking forward to seeing him next month,  What a gap him being gone has left in our little family unit.



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A couple of crop layouts

I just love cropping.  I usually am quite productive, and the chat is always interesting.  It’s lovely and social and just good fun.

Saturday I was in Ludgershall and managed two layouts done, and two more mostly done – I found I needed stuff I didn’t bring with me to finish them off, so they are on my desk today.

Oddly for me, both the finished ones are single photo layouts.  I tend to do multi-photo layouts but for these I only had the one tolerable shot to use.  Sometimes, I just grab the camera and shoot a single shot before the kids move or put up a hand in protest.  But they capture the moment so they will have to do.

The first is the kids making a mess in the living room one rainy day.  They used to love “making a nest” on the sofa and chatting, annoying each other, watching TV or a movie, just hanging out. I got to use my new punch so I’m happy.

I actually had the paper scraps in my crop bag from another layout I had done last month and I found with a couple of additions they worked well with this photo too.  Result! Less for the scrap bin.

This one was just a shot of DD after she snuck into our bed and laid out al her “friends” in a row. The photo was mostly a big expanse of the bright blue duvet cover so the little pointing finger and the title over the photo helped locate her, amidst the row of doll-faces, and broke up all the blue.

I tossed the little bit of lace trim in last minute and it actually worked OK with the layout.

I love my pointing finger fonts.  They are so useful to call attention to something and look fab printed on cardstock then cut out.  I like the fact that, unlike the couple of pointing finger stamps I have, they can be re-sized to fit perfectly.  In this case the also hid the mess on my bedside table – it’s always covered in stacks of books, the alarm clock, a cup of water, lip balm, etc.  The fonts are two different die cut plates, both QK ones bought from the UKS Marketplace and a real bargain.  Normally I would add a journaling block but Shim’s recent sketch showed journaling just n som paper and I guess it stuck in my mind so I grabbed my pen and just jotted down a few important points.  Normally I tend to make more cluttered layouts, but I seem to have restrained myself here.  Another benefit of a crop layout – I would have been tempted to just keep adding more if I was creating at home.  Limited by the supplies in my bag I was rather forced into the “less is more” mode.  Now I should get on and finish the last two, and prep for next Saturday’s crop!



Just before I dash off to my crop – printables!

I haven’t had time to make your samples for these but I did do a cutting guide for you.

I think I’ve left a good enough border around all of them so you have a lot of flexibility.

As you may notice, my spikey circle Nestie slipped on the cutting mat, but there is room to cut it, as you can see in the precious photo.  I’ll re-post this one from yesterday so you can see how nice they look printed on textured cardstock.

I may still get a chance to do a sample for you but not till later.  Hope he cutting guide will give you enough ideas to have a bash.

Off to crop!



Printables for Christmas

OK, so here is the first set.  The blue is perhaps a bit smokier than it may look here, not bright at all, but that may depend, as I found out during my own monitor calibration issues a month or so back, on what controls the colour profile in your set up.  all I can say is print them and see if you like them.

This is what I suggest.  Cut off the strip of circles.  They should be spaced out enough that you can use any number of methods to cut them – punch, Nestie, circle die.

Here is my cutting guide for you, to make it a little clearer.

The rounded blocks can be handled a couple of different ways.  The round corners DO NOT match up with my corner rounder.  The shape is set in my program and getting it to match is hopeless.  But then your corner rounder may have a slightly different sort of curve, who knows?  But looking at the left side, I hope you can see the effect of cutting the blocks out with a uniform border using a knife or a trimmer, then rounding the white border.  Also seeing them cut without rounding the corners and then cutting along the border and trimming off just the corner with scissors.

Looking at the circles you can see they cut with a 2″ circle punch, or a scallop, and the thick v thin borders will give you either a cut right at the edge of the border (thick) or leaving a thin white border (thin) – and I tossed in a spikey circle from my Nestie set, just so you can think long those lines as well.

Here are a couple of cards – you saw the Sparkle one yesterday.

A few changes from these in the final version for download (somehow the star on the small tree got lost when I copied my working file over – it’s there now – and the outlines are all uniformly brown, as is the text. ) They are pretty simple, but great if you need something quick.  They could double as tags, just punch a hole, write on the back, and tie them to your package.

I have another set for you, one I really like, and here is a tiny  preview.  I’m just working out the best sizes to include.I’m showing them printed on smooth and textured card, just so you can see how they look.

Enjoy.  And do let me know if you use them by commenting with a link to your card or tag or whatever.  I put this stuff out there, I can see it gets downloaded a lot, and often wonder who uses them and how.



Christmas printables and glitter technique

NOTE:  See an updated post with a variation of the technique here.

I have discovered a love for my brayer.  I don’t know why `I haven’t used it much over the years, but I keep finding new crafty experiments to do with it.

I’ve been working on a few printables for Christmas.  I’m tweaking them a bit so some of my samples are slightly different to the finished products, but I will try to mention how.

One problem is that I have a bad habit of crowding the elements on the page.  It’s often only when I print them as a whole page I can see how they might be better spread out for ease of cutting.  So I tend to think first that people want to print just one sheet, and only have to download one sheet, but when I’m cutting them myself I can see how more white space offers more options. The ones that I used for these cards are a bit too tight on the page so you’ll have to wait till I shift them around and/or expand them to a two-page set before you can download them. I should have that sorted tomorrow, and samples so you can see how I used them.

But I did want to show you this cute technique. First, emboss some heavy weight smooth cardstock.

Squeeze a bit of glitter glue onto another piece of card. Card is best, rather than a plate or CD case, or anything smooth.

Load up your brayer with the glue, but run it back and forth over the card, which will take off any globs and smooth it out to a thin coating on the rubber.

Now brayer the glue, with a light touch so you are hitting JUST the embossed (raised) areas.  Don’t worry about the edges. Now let it dry – for a while, or use your embossing gun on it, although that fast drying tends to buckle the card a bit.

Trim the embossed and glittered piece to fit your card.  I daubed some Distress Ink along the edges. You can see one of the little circles from the set there, and the glittery spikey circle. Assemble.  And this is what it looks like.

Pretty, and pretty simple.  I did change the font on that element because in the small point size I thought it looked less smooth than I wanted it. The other bits are a little more Christmas-y, don’t worry, but I thought this one nice and Winter-y and worked well with the sparkle of the glitter.


No WOYWW – a visitor!

{sigh} Between the UKScrappers Blog Hop yesterday, and waaaaaay too much cleaning for the arrival of our US visitor, I just had no time to even consider a WOYWW post this week.  You can see from the layout about that visitor, he’s one of our oldest friends – that chubby-cheeked lad is DS, now off at Uni!