WOYWW 130 – card play and more

A little play on my desk, using some very old stamps – not sure if it will work how I want, but we shall see.  I wanted to use the Spellbinders diamond dies in a certain way and went looking for a few Christmas stamps.  These cute ones seem to fit the shapes, but as the lines aren’t connected I’m not sure if the Copic colouring will work well or not.  I had a quick, rough go and it MAy be ok but I’ll have to try a few more of the images to be sure.

And we often have a laugh over on UKS about using scrapbooking stuff for other purposes.  The silvery tinsel?  It’s a pair of hair adornments for DD and her ice skating Christmas show!  I took some tinsel and some package bows, my hot glue gun, a couple of hair bands and created them for her.  She loves them, I just hope they will hold up for the dress rehearsals and all three performances!

Now off to wander thru cyberspace and see what’s on your workdesk this Wednesday.  Pop in to see the most excellent Julia and the list of links for inspiring desktops all across the world!