WOYWW 129 – a printable card

What’s on my workdesk this week is not a lot.  DD is still unwell and last WOYWW she was in the throes of it.  I really shouldn’t have bothered to post at all because I knew getting to even a few desks was going to be a challenge.  But this week she is on an antibiotic and perking up a bit.  Still campaigning to stay home for the rest of the week (NO WAY!) but not quite so much wanting me with her.  That means my decks are cleared for blog hopping, which is good because I ALWAYS miss seeing what everyone is doing.  I may have to scroll back a bit too, to see what I may have missed! Hopefully the lovely Julia will forgive me my sins against WOYWW.  Believe me I am beating myself up about it enough for both of us. I wonder if a nice big tamale pie for the December crop will make amends?

On to slightly more crafty bit. It’s more my desktop than my workdesk, and it’s a printable card.  I was struggling to sort out the sizing, so it would print on one from a bag of card blanks I got in a Hobby Craft sale.  I fiddled and fiddled, trying to make the file size and the print match, but it will insist on putting a margin around it and shifting it all too far left.  It should work as a PDF but it simply doesn’t.  Hence the series of slightly different sized images in .jpg and .pdf form on the right monitor and the Google search for UK card sizes n the left.  I hate it when what seems logical to me doesn’t work the way I think it should.  I’m sure there is some stupid box that needs ticking or unticking to make it right, but given I can only snatch a few minutes at a time to try to sort it, I am giving up. So here is what it looks like.  I’ll add it as a download although suspect it is of limited interest.  It works for me, I hope if you like it and can use it, it works for you too!

One thing that I’ve noted after all these years in the UK is the differences in Christmas.  In the USA we do Santa, rather than Father Christmas (and fat, rather than thin – does that say something? not sure LOL!)  No one I know does a goose, this despite having JUST had the whole turkey-with trimmings the month before (TOMORROW!) for Thanksgiving.  Figgy (steamed) puddings may be popular someplace in the USA, but not for us – fruitcake is close, but cold, not hot.  Merry not Happy, never in all my youth was a sprout in evidence, and I had never heard of Boxing Day except when reading, and always wondered what and when it was.  So I thought for the very few limited cards I send with gifts back to family in the USA, it might be fun to highlight some of this.  Hence the card design.

As it’s a .jpg, not entirely sure what might happen with it.  I think either it will download automatically or, more likely, it will appear in a new window, in which case you can right click to save the image.  It should then print by just popping a 10 x 7 (more or less) card blank in just as you would load a piece of printer paper.  But, hey, give it a go and LMK what happens.  I tend to print things I’m not sure of first on cheap printer paper, on an economy setting, just to see what happens.  Maybe do that. And as it’s a .jpg you can ope it in PSE and fiddle with the size – I think it’s hi-res enough, at 300 dpi, to take a bit of resizing.

I’ll be desk-hopping while pretending to watch either another of the endless Barbie movies, or an episode of Glee for the 500th time.  Forgive me it I am less than clear in my comments.

Happy Thanksgiving for any US visitors.