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Hi all.

Those of you on UKS may have seen my post on Maddie and her infected toe.  Too, too yucky.  Poor little lamb has been home on the sofa for just about a week.  She is finally on an antibiotic, but it’s meant me, dead in the water, so far as any serious crafting goes.  I finally managed a quick set of gift tag printables and some Christmas printables links over the weekend, and a You Tube video for both the embossing techniques (glittery glue and chalk ink) but it’s nothing you won’t have seen here already. And the rest of it will have to wait till she’s up and about and not calling for me every 5 minutes.

But I have been looking at this blog and wondering if it is all just that little bit too cluttered.  I like the idea of having the thumbnails of the various projects in the sidebar, to make it easy for people to see and select ones to download (and I do get a ton of downloads every day, so in that sense it does seem to work) or linking to a post with more info.  But I thought I might make the time to add a page bar at the top, so the stuff would be on a dedicated page.  I think this would be easier for me to keep it up to date, adding new stuff to the page when I add it to the daily blog part, and limit the sidebar clutter a bit – maybe even utilizing the entire middle section for the post.

I just wondered if anyone had any thoughts on that?  I know a lot of people visit without commenting, which I have no problem with, but I would love to hear from you if you like the info all there on the main page, even if it means the sidebar is a bit chaotic, or if a page link at the top that houses all the downloads (and is always bang up to date) is better, even if it means an additional click to reveal it.

Not the usual inspiration (or at least I hope inspirational) crafty post, but these housekeeping things are needed occasionally to keep the blog relevant and interesting.

So comment away if you have an opinion.  And wish DD a speedy recovery so I can get back too it.  I still have two layouts in mid-completion stage, my Daily Life mini still needing the inserts, and lots in my head, as well as a printable still in the creating stage, so I hope to get back to all that very soon.

5 thoughts on “Blog re-org

  1. I love your page the way it is. But one more click wouldn’t really hurt because everything is so great that I would be willing to do one more click.

  2. the current layout works for me as it is easy to see what projects you have on offer……….
    but I love tag clouds to help find things

  3. Hi MaryAnn *waves* guiltily – I keep popping in, but never comment. I love your blog but having had a bit of a “dry period” crafting wise, haven’t downloaded anything from it….. yet. 🙂
    I just wanted to wish Maddie a very speedy recovery. I’ve been reading your “adventures” on UKS and think you are both either very brave or mad! 😀 Get Well Soon Maddie. Jude.x

  4. I am happy with the current, but a downloads page would be easier to work with. I think that the thumbnails idea is just the thing. Best wishes to Maddie, poor lamb. Nasty thing these can be, and I hope her doc is aggressive. Best to you both.

  5. Argh, poor Maddy, it’s a slow one, huh! I don’t think that your blog is cluttered, but I do like the idea of tabs across the top, it’s always tempting to me. And I should imagine it would deeply satisfy the organiser in you…specially as it would only take you a fraction of the time it would take lesser computer mortals!

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