Printable gift tags

OK, I’ll admit it.  Although I really shouldn’t feel like I have to apologise for going AWOL over the last few days, because my poor little DD has done some sort of damage to her toe and has been tucked up on the sofa but pleading for me to spend time with her, I feel a bit guilty.  My WOYWW performance was rubbish (non-existent, really) this week, and I’ve not managed to blog even an excuse.  While some days I feel like I am talking to myself here, but I hate to be the blogger that disappeared. So I thought I’d just pop on really quick and post some gift tags I was mostly working on for my own use, but that someone may get some use out of.

I’m working on better set, but got side-tracked by the cries to come watch Barbie: A Christmas Carol.  Ugh.

I’m not into the super Christmas-y look, all elves and holly and big fat Santa.  I tend towards the simpler, more graphic style and these tags suit me.  Not totally Christmas colours, even, but the first two are at least a nod in that direction, they are easy to use.  Slice them up with a trimmer, and if you want to take the extra step, round the corners, then punch a hole.  The hole isn’t even hinted at, so no struggle to line up a punch or your Cropadile.

I did find what I would TOTALLY send as my Christmas card, if I sent Christmas cards.  It doesn’t really work with the British variation, but my crop-mates will get the joke here cause I am ALWAYS saying BALLS! when I mess something up and they have taken to mimicking me, with an American accent.