WOYWW 128 – as yet unfinished


I have a layout in my crop bag, have had it there for two crops, and it is still unfinished.  I meant to finish it up last Saturday but got side-tracked by the mini-book.  I am determined to finish it up TODAY!  But small problem. DH is off in Austria and DD has injured her foot in some way.  I think she had her toe curled under into her brace and walked on it all day yesterday, or somehow gave it an almighty bash and never told me, because I can see a bruise under her toenail.  I had to piggy-back her off the bus (no mean feat, let me tell you!) and then wheel her around on a rolling desk chair all evening.  I decided to keep her home today as it is clearly too painful to walk on.  So I will have her at home, tucked up on the sofa, expecting service with a smile, if you please.  So that’s my day.  Want to take bets I DON’T finish the layout?  {sigh}

Sorry for the dim and dismal photo – so dark here now for so much of the day.  I should have pre-planned better to take the photo in the mid-morning sunlight yesterday!

Oh and lest I forget…do pop over to see Julia and the rest of the WOYWW crowd.  Such fun and a day chock full o’ inspiration.

27 thoughts on “WOYWW 128 – as yet unfinished

  1. Hello! (Waves frantically)

    I’m a bit late getting round to some people this week. Just in time for next, I say…LOL

    Hope you’ve had a good week – those printables/links up in the other posts are fab, so thanks for the links to them!

    If I don’t speak to you again before (via WOYWW), Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. hope your daughter is better and that you’ve found some time to play.
    thanks for sharing! happy WOYWW!
    peggy aplSEEDS

  3. What a hive of activity you have there, gorgeous layout
    Bridget #29

  4. hope your poor daughter feels better soon.
    the page looks like it is going to be lovely.
    Tina #117

  5. Lovely layout – the spotted papers are gorgeous and I like the placement of the embellishments – the top left corner detail is lovely. Hope your daughter’s foot recovers soon. Elizabeth x #78

  6. Poor girl! I know that hurts because I broke a toe and moaned for weeks with it. Hope your days settled a bit and you could get into the cropping mood. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week! Vickie #76

  7. Sure hope your little one’s foot recovers quickly and you are able to get to your layout soon. Happy WOYWW #18 ~Robin Panzer Art Studio 33

  8. Looks like a great WIP. Thanks for the peek and sharing. Hope you are having a great WOYWW,
    xoxo Marjo #109

  9. The layout is coming along beautifully hope your daughters foot is feeling a little better. Hopr you get time to finish the layout Thanks for sharing xx Sarahp *56

  10. Love the “Life is so daily” peek that I got! I’ll be back to see it again. Sorry that your crafty time may be compromised! ;0) Hope she’s feeling better soon and you can get back to the fun stuff!

    Happy Wednesday!


  11. I hope your dd is better soon. That sounds painful. Have a great WOYWW from (don’t ask how) #1 this week.

  12. OOh poor Maddy, I broke a couple of bones in my foot that made my toes and nails go really is b******y painful. I’m gonna let you down gently and say you won’t achieve too mcuh today, but that’s OK. I LOVE the photo in your already great unfinished LO…

  13. You sound very busy!! Love the lay out so far, have a great day Happy WOYWW!!
    (((Lyn)) #53

  14. Just doing a quick pass through today … I am get everyone visited!!! Love that page in progress
    Happy WOYWW
    Cathy xx #19

  15. Great LO in progress! Lovely colour scheme too. Hope DDs foot gets sorted soon too,
    Love joZarty

  16. What a fun photo to make a LO with 🙂
    A x
    #48 [well, I was when I left Julia’s….sorry for any confusion last week but some little gremlin changed my number for me after I left 🙂 ]

  17. Hi there; thank you for sharing your place of creativity with us this week, it was great to pop in and visit.
    Neil #58

  18. The layout is certainly looking good, love those papers. But the photograph is soooo intriguing? That’s a story that needs to be shared I think. Hope your daughter’s foot is better soon. #23

  19. LO is looking good so far. Hope your daughter’s foot improves

  20. love the photo, and you will finish it! LOL me who has several unfinshed projects on the go!
    Happy woywwing
    Jennie #7

  21. Great photo on your layout – really tells a story. Hope your daughter’s toe is better today.

  22. Hope she is feeling better soon – I am sure you can sneak a bit of crafting time in whilst looking after her! Layout is looking good already – have a great week. Sunshine Girl – no 34

  23. Good luck playing nurse to your patient on the couch! You will get it done eventually…

  24. Love the eye charts, and the layout looks lovely.

    Kay #21

  25. I love spotty (and also stripey) papers… and that layout will be so stunning when it’s completely finished!
    Here’s hoping your daughter recovers soon, and you get time to finish your project. In the meantime, have a fantastic WOYWW!

  26. Loving the spots and bright green – it’s a lovely LO in the make…hope you aren’t too over run today and can find some you time! Thanks for sharing today, Sarah at 2.

  27. Sounds like you have your hands full! I hope that your daughter’s foot is feeling better soon! The layout is looking great for a work in progress! Thanks for sharing!!! -Amanda #5

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