WOYWW 128 – as yet unfinished

I have a layout in my crop bag, have had it there for two crops, and it is still unfinished.  I meant to finish it up last Saturday but got side-tracked by the mini-book.  I am determined to finish it up TODAY!  But small problem. DH is off in Austria and DD has injured her foot in some way.  I think she had her toe curled under into her brace and walked on it all day yesterday, or somehow gave it an almighty bash and never told me, because I can see a bruise under her toenail.  I had to piggy-back her off the bus (no mean feat, let me tell you!) and then wheel her around on a rolling desk chair all evening.  I decided to keep her home today as it is clearly too painful to walk on.  So I will have her at home, tucked up on the sofa, expecting service with a smile, if you please.  So that’s my day.  Want to take bets I DON’T finish the layout?  {sigh}

Sorry for the dim and dismal photo – so dark here now for so much of the day.  I should have pre-planned better to take the photo in the mid-morning sunlight yesterday!

Oh and lest I forget…do pop over to see Julia and the rest of the WOYWW crowd.  Such fun and a day chock full o’ inspiration.