Progress made – Life is so Daily minibook


I got a fair bit done at the crop (after getting sidetracked teaching the construction of the sliding book to the rest of the ladies) and while I am not totally done, I thought I would post an update of where I am so far.

Two big images showing the pages, the added photos (with space for more stamping and quotes) and the book slid out.

I actually attached the pull tab to the back page, just allowing a little bit of an extension to show on the front, so I have a good space to write “instructions” for DS there.  I don’t really have  great deal of hope that he will use this as I intend, but maybe at some point in his like, perhaps long after I am gone, he’ll look back on it with fondness and hear me whispering in his ear.  Actually, I must be hormonal, cause the idea brings a bit of a tear to my eye. How much of these sorts of projects do I actually do for me, and how much for the recipient?  Is it more than 50/50?  It may very well be, but I get the joy of creating, and frankly, unless he throws it in the bin (which even on my worst day I doubt would ever happen) I suppose I’ll be happy.

I do quite like the little grid circles, which I made by glueing a sheet of plain grid paper from a tablet to white cardstock then punching them and smudging black soot ink on the edges.  It sets off the small letters well. I really didn’t want to use a different font or bigger letters due to the size of the envelope flaps, but they were too small and indistinct on their own. A good solution.

So now only the little quote strips to add, and the rest of the text, which I may just write, around the photos.  I think I’ve been quite restrained, keeping it from tipping over into the girly/pretty look that a project for DD calls for.

Not sure if there is any interest, but I may add the quotes I’m using as text that can just be copied and pasted for you.  I do tend to think quotes are a personal choice, but I found some I really like (starting with the Life is so daily title – it just sums it up so nicely!) so maybe others will appreciate the list even as a starting point.

2 thoughts on “Progress made – Life is so Daily minibook

  1. I really like this project and have read every update with interest. My big ds comes home soon for his Birthday. I’ve just started on SKYPE and it was a mixture of ‘yay’ and ‘sniff’. Yay when I could see him on video chat and sniff when I saw how bare and stark his room is. I mentioned it to him and he shrugged, reminding me it’s not his thing to decorate his habitat. For some reason the barren room looks like he’s unloved. Dumb I know. I have had a tough time missing this big boy of mine (despite three other teens still at home) and for whatever reason seem to have connected with this project and your blog as a small comfort. thanks for that. ‘Scuse the rambling comment ((SIGH))
    Mandy McK

  2. really emjoying watching the creation of this book

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