WOYWW 127 – a little project

Well, I didn’t make as much progress yesterday on my little project for DS as I planned, but I have high hopes for today.  Well, after I stop by your desk to see what’s on it, for the once weekly WOYWW extravaganza.  And take DD ice skating (no, I don’t actually skate, just sit in the cold rink while she has a lesson), and shop for the Vegetarian’s return tomorrow.  He’s back for a few days before he and DH jet off to Austria and Romania for business meetings.

So what you are looking at are the bones of my project.  You can see the Cosmic Shimmer Chalk spray set I got with my renewal of Craft Stamper, as yet untested. A bunch of little envelopes, covered with Basic Grey Obscure – an impulse purchase from Shopkeeper Gal, and not my favourite collection from BG, but ideal for a boy-themed book as it’s not in the least pretty or vintage, more graffiti and grunge.  Since DS is colour-blind really I could make it in B&W and it would possibly be all the same to him, just way to boring to spend time on for ME!

We’ll see if it comes together like I hope it will.  Still a few decisions to be made but I have a vision in my head of what it will be like – hopefully the reality will match up to that vision.  Have a fabulous WOYWW day.