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A couple of crop layouts

I just love cropping.  I usually am quite productive, and the chat is always interesting.  It’s lovely and social and just good fun.

Saturday I was in Ludgershall and managed two layouts done, and two more mostly done – I found I needed stuff I didn’t bring with me to finish them off, so they are on my desk today.

Oddly for me, both the finished ones are single photo layouts.  I tend to do multi-photo layouts but for these I only had the one tolerable shot to use.  Sometimes, I just grab the camera and shoot a single shot before the kids move or put up a hand in protest.  But they capture the moment so they will have to do.

The first is the kids making a mess in the living room one rainy day.  They used to love “making a nest” on the sofa and chatting, annoying each other, watching TV or a movie, just hanging out. I got to use my new punch so I’m happy.

I actually had the paper scraps in my crop bag from another layout I had done last month and I found with a couple of additions they worked well with this photo too.  Result! Less for the scrap bin.

This one was just a shot of DD after she snuck into our bed and laid out al her “friends” in a row. The photo was mostly a big expanse of the bright blue duvet cover so the little pointing finger and the title over the photo helped locate her, amidst the row of doll-faces, and broke up all the blue.

I tossed the little bit of lace trim in last minute and it actually worked OK with the layout.

I love my pointing finger fonts.  They are so useful to call attention to something and look fab printed on cardstock then cut out.  I like the fact that, unlike the couple of pointing finger stamps I have, they can be re-sized to fit perfectly.  In this case the also hid the mess on my bedside table – it’s always covered in stacks of books, the alarm clock, a cup of water, lip balm, etc.  The fonts are two different die cut plates, both QK ones bought from the UKS Marketplace and a real bargain.  Normally I would add a journaling block but Shim’s recent sketch showed journaling just n som paper and I guess it stuck in my mind so I grabbed my pen and just jotted down a few important points.  Normally I tend to make more cluttered layouts, but I seem to have restrained myself here.  Another benefit of a crop layout – I would have been tempted to just keep adding more if I was creating at home.  Limited by the supplies in my bag I was rather forced into the “less is more” mode.  Now I should get on and finish the last two, and prep for next Saturday’s crop!