Printables for Christmas

OK, so here is the first set.  The blue is perhaps a bit smokier than it may look here, not bright at all, but that may depend, as I found out during my own monitor calibration issues a month or so back, on what controls the colour profile in your set up.  all I can say is print them and see if you like them.

This is what I suggest.  Cut off the strip of circles.  They should be spaced out enough that you can use any number of methods to cut them – punch, Nestie, circle die.

Here is my cutting guide for you, to make it a little clearer.

The rounded blocks can be handled a couple of different ways.  The round corners DO NOT match up with my corner rounder.  The shape is set in my program and getting it to match is hopeless.  But then your corner rounder may have a slightly different sort of curve, who knows?  But looking at the left side, I hope you can see the effect of cutting the blocks out with a uniform border using a knife or a trimmer, then rounding the white border.  Also seeing them cut without rounding the corners and then cutting along the border and trimming off just the corner with scissors.

Looking at the circles you can see they cut with a 2″ circle punch, or a scallop, and the thick v thin borders will give you either a cut right at the edge of the border (thick) or leaving a thin white border (thin) – and I tossed in a spikey circle from my Nestie set, just so you can think long those lines as well.

Here are a couple of cards – you saw the Sparkle one yesterday.

A few changes from these in the final version for download (somehow the star on the small tree got lost when I copied my working file over – it’s there now – and the outlines are all uniformly brown, as is the text. ) They are pretty simple, but great if you need something quick.  They could double as tags, just punch a hole, write on the back, and tie them to your package.

I have another set for you, one I really like, and here is a tiny  preview.  I’m just working out the best sizes to include.I’m showing them printed on smooth and textured card, just so you can see how they look.

Enjoy.  And do let me know if you use them by commenting with a link to your card or tag or whatever.  I put this stuff out there, I can see it gets downloaded a lot, and often wonder who uses them and how.