Christmas printables and glitter technique

NOTE:  See an updated post with a variation of the technique here.

I have discovered a love for my brayer.  I don’t know why `I haven’t used it much over the years, but I keep finding new crafty experiments to do with it.

I’ve been working on a few printables for Christmas.  I’m tweaking them a bit so some of my samples are slightly different to the finished products, but I will try to mention how.

One problem is that I have a bad habit of crowding the elements on the page.  It’s often only when I print them as a whole page I can see how they might be better spread out for ease of cutting.  So I tend to think first that people want to print just one sheet, and only have to download one sheet, but when I’m cutting them myself I can see how more white space offers more options. The ones that I used for these cards are a bit too tight on the page so you’ll have to wait till I shift them around and/or expand them to a two-page set before you can download them. I should have that sorted tomorrow, and samples so you can see how I used them.

But I did want to show you this cute technique. First, emboss some heavy weight smooth cardstock.

Squeeze a bit of glitter glue onto another piece of card. Card is best, rather than a plate or CD case, or anything smooth.

Load up your brayer with the glue, but run it back and forth over the card, which will take off any globs and smooth it out to a thin coating on the rubber.

Now brayer the glue, with a light touch so you are hitting JUST the embossed (raised) areas.  Don’t worry about the edges. Now let it dry – for a while, or use your embossing gun on it, although that fast drying tends to buckle the card a bit.

Trim the embossed and glittered piece to fit your card.  I daubed some Distress Ink along the edges. You can see one of the little circles from the set there, and the glittery spikey circle. Assemble.  And this is what it looks like.

Pretty, and pretty simple.  I did change the font on that element because in the small point size I thought it looked less smooth than I wanted it. The other bits are a little more Christmas-y, don’t worry, but I thought this one nice and Winter-y and worked well with the sparkle of the glitter.