Scrapping mags


You may recall I did a little set of printables for Shimelle’s blog a few months back. There was a small prize, a set of printables for the random winner, and through that I made contact with Sanna, a scrapper in Austria.  We had a little to&fro via email, and she kindly offered to send me a copy of her  scrapbooking magazine, one she contributes to.  Well, it arrived, and even without being able to read a word of the text, I can see that there are some lovely projects in it.

It is just loaded with layouts, art journal pages, mini-books, how-tos, and more.  Luckily for me DH lived in Germany for a few years and still retains some of the language.  He managed to get us around Austria and Germany when we visited a fair few years back so I’m hoping he can translate the jist of anything I am really curious about.

There isn’t a lot of “white space” in this mag, but I think the fact I can more or less ignore the text makes that not an issue – I haven’t counted the layouts, but goodness me there are a ton of them.  One article has seven larger layouts and eight smaller ones on the topic! And I am guessing that the project called RAM BOOK is pretty much like a SMASH book?  Or is that simply a linguistically logical but actually wrong assumption, given the spine is an old circuit board?

There are also a couple of sheets of scrapbooking paper to tear out, but oh! how different to the ones in the UK mags.  These are on proper cardstock – thinner, to be fair, but matt, not slick, one double-sided patterned and one with a pattern one side, coordinating tags and labels the other.  Very nice.

It makes me anxious for Scrap 365 – where I can actually read the text LOL! and it makes me wonder about the scrap mags in other countries.  I’ve seen US ones, obviously, and Aussie ones, but other language mags, not so much.  Wonder what I am missing…..

3 thoughts on “Scrapping mags

  1. Glad it arrived safe and sound to you! If there is something you don´t understand, just let me know and I´ll try to help :-)! I´ve seen Brasilian, French, Swedish, German and Canadian magazines and they are all different – I´ve heard there is also a Russian one, would be interesting to see that too. Inspiration everywhere..!

  2. Oh you made me curious about what’s inside! We don’t have magazines like this in the Philippines so i can’t offer to send you one! Patsy from HeARTworks

  3. Hello from Johannesburg, S.A. email me your snailmail addy & I will send you a couple!

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