WOYWW 125 – virtual son


Birthday a great success yesterday.  DD was quite happy with her gifts, and loved having her brother in attendance over the internet.

You can’t see him very well in this photo, but we moved him to the mantle so DD could show him her gifts.  It was quite sweet, her holding them up and giving a little description.

But you aren’t here for that, you’re here for WOYWW!  I was rubbish last week, so wrapped up in calendar making, and I’m afraid to say I am still working on a few.  This week I’m testing out combinations of things on some slightly mis-printed bits.  I have a variety of inks, a couple of different brayers, and a whole selection of embossing folders. I’m trying to work out which folders to use with which month, what colour, and how the different ink work with the different brayers.

But basically it’s just a huge mess.

Shocking, I know.

But here you have it.  I still owe DD a shopping trip to spend some of her birthday money, so I’ll be in and out but am determined to hit as many desks as I can – I missed my weekly jolt of inspiration and can’t afford to miss it again!  Have a good one!

41 thoughts on “WOYWW 125 – virtual son

  1. Thanks for the links to the great calendars! I don’t think your workspace is that messy!

  2. sorry hun, just done DD’s 21st on Monday so I know how busy you can be!!!

    Love the Calendars, they will be wonderful, happy Woyww
    Lou #63

  3. Nothing shocking in my opinion. Just very cute calender sheets.

  4. I think your calendars are beautiful! And how neat that brother could be there virtually. Technology never ceases to amaze me.

  5. Lovely Calendears. Happy WOYWW ~#105 Robin Panzer Art

  6. Hello the calendars are lovely. Compared to how my desk looks at times your’s is very tidy. thanks for sharing. Anne x

  7. Those calendars look fantastic! Are you brayering ink directly onto the embossing folder? If so, are you finding that the Distress Ink doesn’t work well because it operates too much? Or is that just me?…. 😉

    • No, I tried brayering onto the folders directly but it foen’t work as well. I just brayer (with a light touch) over the embossed card.


      Mary Anne

  8. boy you were up early to get in first!! Love the calendar’s and your blog.

  9. Your desk looks great to me! At least there is something happening there, I wish I could say the same!
    Happy WOYWW

  10. That’s wonderful that you got to do the virtual birthday party. Those calendars look great, thanks for sharing!

  11. Isn’t technology grand! Wow 15, what a great age too. Love all WIPS. Thanks for the peek and sharing, have a great WOYWW

    xoxo Marjo

  12. Isn’t technology wonderful for keeping families together? I love your creative desk and those calendars are going to be stunning!

  13. Oh I LOVE those calendars! Absolutely gorgeous. And as for the “virtual” birthday, isn’t technology simply marvellous? I loved the way she held up the presents! Brilliant. Have a happy WOYWW. Shoshi #85

  14. Mess Means progress mary anne! Glad the birthday went well, see you at crop x

  15. Happy Birthday to your DD. Hope she has a wonderful time, spending her birthday money. It is the birthday of our DD too, so we are off to see her this afternoon, where we shall probably see Shaz Silverwolf, who is her mother-in-law.

  16. Isn’t technology wonderful! Hope she had an amazing day. I love how your calendars are turning out, beautiful, vibrant colours!

    Brenda 84

  17. Happy birthday to DD and it’s so great to be able to Skype and keep in touch like that.
    Your desk looks great, so creatively busy!
    JoZarty x

  18. I love the patterns on your calendars! Happy birthday DD!!

  19. Happy Birthday to DD… so lovely that you could see your DS too… as for the desk… 10 out of 10 for effort lol

  20. Ah great pictures of your lovely Maddy and her bro – how marvellous that he could ‘be there’. Your desk looks great to me – whenever you say it’s covered in crap, I look and there is never the rubbish of torn papers and wet wipes that I accumulate. Am happy to see that you have a satellite table at home too – just like the crop!

  21. those calendars look beautiful

  22. How nice – great that technology let’s us share! Enjoy your day together and get shopping! Thanks for sharing today! Sarah at 5.

  23. Looks like you are having loads of fun ….not messy at all …have fun shopping.

  24. Love the calendars and your creative workspace this week and pleased all the family got to share in your daughter’s birthday. You also taught me something – there are actually two 5 o’ clocks in a day – and here’s me thinking there is only the tea-time one.

  25. Love your calendars and cant wait to see the results. Bridget #37

  26. Birthdays are great aren’t they, my friend used to have two,as she was born on Christmas day, (years later she still insists on having two,which in my view makes her twice as old!! Great load of inks, Happy WOYWW!
    (Lyn)) #46

  27. Glad you had a good day. Calendars look great
    Famfa #30

  28. Great desk and i love facetime esp when my kiddies are at my mum and dads, my 18 month old can work it and loves seeing people, just he gets confused when people ring and he cant see them!

  29. Great looking calenders. Your desk is looking good from here. And oh how wonderful to be able to share a birthday via the internet.

  30. You must have been up at the crack of dawn to get the no 1 coveted spot! The embossed calender pages look fantastic 🙂

  31. Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing? I love the way it can make us all seem so much closer.
    A x

  32. Great desk – love the calendars. Glad your DD enjoyed her birthday.

  33. Number One!! Have never managed it yet… there is always hope!! Happy Birthday to your 15 year old and I love the idea of having a virtual brother enjoying it with her ( I have three brothers and the idea of them being about only virtually is somewhat appealing)!!

    • LOL! I don’t sleep much and am totally an earlybird. Since I sleep with my iPad in easy reaching distance I just grab it as soon as my eyes open. Laugh, but I was actually playing solitaire for about an hour before I checked WOYWW. Just lucky today, as with every day I have been at 1.


  34. Love the virtual birthday party – and belated birthday wishes to your daughter. I think your desk looks very productive – I miss having my pull out desk in my craft room meant I could double up with the clutter! Have a great day shopping.

  35. Well done 😀 on being numero uno ~ and did love this post and the one before it – and have enjoyed the ones that come to my inbox on the calendars. Your output leaves me speechless with admiration, Shaz in Oz.x

  36. What wonderful calendars those are going to be! Birthday’s are fun but birthday presents are even better!

  37. Just had my DD birthday… and a birthday bash with over 20 young people – mostly teens ARGH!!! How sweet that you had a ‘virtual son’ for the day, especially there for his sister… that’s true brotherly love!
    Love your desk… it’s not a mess – it’s creative and busy 🙂
    Have a wonderful WOYWW!
    Bubbles aka Sheleen at PatchworkApples

  38. i actually think your desk is in order. shocking, i know!

  39. Wow! love the calenders.. and I love birthdays too! got my DD’s today lunch and a shop in Covent Garden!
    Happy woywwing
    Jennie #2

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