Sunday-someplace-else (Other calendars)


I’ve been planning to do a round-up of some calendar bits for a while, and here are a few that I found that I quite like. Some are available now, some are 2011 ones I liked a lot  with a hint a 2012 version might be coming, and some are just printable months so you can create your own.

Who doesn’t love owls? Check out the stunning one at My Owl Barn.

OK, this one is for 2011, but I think the bits would be fab on a scrapbook page, and they alert you to the free 2012 one due 1 December.  Bookmark it now!

This subway art set at I Love It All is the last installment of the 2011 calendar set – just to take you to the end of the year.  But comment to let her know you like it and maybe we’ll get lucky for 2012 and she’ll do a new set.

This one, from CreativeMamma, has big blocks for adding lots of notations.  But I love this little Kokeshi Doll mini one:

And this one covers Oct 2010 to March 2012, but it’s so sweet, and the technique for making the calendar might be useful with other printables.  See the 2010 post here with links back to the original instructions.

And this one from Alice Cantrell is just so pretty I don’t even care it’s from 2011.  Sounds like a 2012 one may be on the way.  Another to watch for.

A nice vintage one at Crafty Secrets.

One of the best collections for basic printables is at  Portrait style, Landscape style, CD case size, a digital stamp set in .png format, and printable month names, good for calendar-style scrapbook pages.

Free digital layered templates and PNG files at Happy to Create (shop) and  the collection will build over the year.

Hope you find a couple you like!

4 thoughts on “Sunday-someplace-else (Other calendars)

  1. Thanks for sharing my Subway Art calendars! I’m working on a 2012 and hope to have them ready-to-print in early December.


  2. Thanks these were great!

  3. Lots of gorgeous imspiration here, and thank-you so much for pointing me to the font you used on your own lovely calender. 🙂

    • I am always frustrated when I find something and want to match the font so I generally do try to share. Typically you spotted one case when I didn’t. As a general rule, most stuff I share is on Font Squirrel!


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