Final Calendar Post with all info!


I’ll bet you are as sick of this as I am, but I think I now have it all sorted for the various versions. So here, in one post, is all you should need to know!

My post on how I created the calendar grids in PSE with the tips and tricks I learned is here.

The two-sheet PDFs to download, for copy/pasting and printing: Jan-June and July to Dec, both in this post here.

Here are a few samples from my CD case version, using a simple stamped image at the top of each page:

The simple swirl has to be my favourite version,  this one on cream cardstock.

My WOYWW post about creating a tear-off calendar is here.

This one is the fridge one, with the tear-off calendar block. Just a little reminder to myself!

And here are the three PDFs with faint lines so you can cut all the calendar months to the same size for making the tear-off block! SeptDecJanFeb MarAprilMayJune and JulyAugOctNov 2012.

Phew.  Having put in the work, I now know it will  be easier to create a calendar in my style each year.  How do I know this?  From yesterday, these two PDFs, each 3 sheets, created to easily cut at 4 inch increments, to get a set of same-sized blocks, took mere minutes to convert. And because I know that this year I have a month with the 1st of the month beginning on every day of the week, I know I can re-use the months, with minor additions or deletions, at most 3 days to delete (February) and at most a day to add)

I’m going to do one more, slightly different, and will add it when I am done.  This one will be designed to print on either an A4 or US letter sheet then slightly trimmed to the same size, if it works.  Now it’s time to move on (Thank goodness! I hear you mutter) to something else crafty.

And deepest apologies to the WOYWW crowd, as I was so immersed in this I didn’t make it to a single desk this week (hanging head in shame) but hope to get to some of them, at least, over the weekend.  I missed all the inspiration!

6 thoughts on “Final Calendar Post with all info!

  1. bravoooooooooo super

  2. Thank you so much for all your hard work.
    As I am seriously challenged with this kind of computer work etc. I need to know how I can get the month onto the bottom of the sheet so that I can stamp as you have done with swirls. When I print the template out, I get 4 months with no room above each for stamping. Do you intend that I cut out the month and paste it onto the sheet with the swirls stamped at the top? When I look at your samples, I don’t see any evidence of pasting, particularly on the brown sample – looks like printing and stamping all on the same piece of board?
    Sorry to be a pain…

    • What I usually do is double-click the PDF – that opens it in something called PREVIEW. I can them draw a marquee around the bit that I want and drag it into a program I use called Appleworks. But assuming you are on a PC, you need to open in Photoshop Elements (or some similar program, now sure what you might have) then open a new file – lets say you want to print these two to a page on an A4 sheet, so open an A4 sized file. Make it 300 dpi. Drag a selection marquee around the month and COPY > PASTE into the blank file. You can then scoot the block to wherever you want it – to print two for a CD style calendar you will need to rotate the page so you are printing 2 side by side and space them out.

      If you DON’T have something like PSE then I think printing the whole sheet then cutting the bits out may be your only option. I did them like this because I wanted there to be a lot of flexibility, but I guess it might be better to arrange the PDFs so people can use them without doing anything other than printing them. Maybe I’ll give that a go over the weekend. 🙂

      • Bless you! As I said, I’m SERIOUSLY CHALLENGED with this lot!
        Love your faux letterpress versions – now that I can do…!!

  3. Thanks again for producing these calendars
    but I hate to tell you that the link to July-Nov is currently taking me to the Sept-Feb print out

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