WOYWW 124 – more calendar play

My desk is not a mess today – how refreshing!  But if you want to see shots of chaos, WOYWW is a really good bet! Sometimes there is huge amounts of inspiration on those messy desks.

The last couple of days I’ve had posts about my 2012 calendar making.  I’ve gone in a different direction for the one I am working on today and I thought it might be of interest, rather than show just a shot of my desk, to show what I am doing and the goal.

I printed my calendar PDFs and sliced them into month blocks.  This highlighted a problem I will hope to correct – because September and December have 5 weeks, those blocks are just that little bit too big, so too close to the surrounding ones to cut to the same size as the 4-week months. I’ll have to re-do the PDFs for you, perhaps with thin pale lines or a grid, so you can see how to cut them easily.  But on to the project.

To repeat, I sliced up the months into uniform (more or less) blocks.

Using one of my handy dandy tools (simple clothes pegs) I clamped them together in a stack.  Because of the size issues I mentioned, a couple of them were a bit longer, but that isn’t a huge issue.  What’s important is that the top edge is perfectly aligned.

Get a little dab of glue and a popsicle stick.  Carefully and neatly smear a line of glue JUST on the top edge.  Not too thin, not too thick, not onto the front face, less of an issue if you get a bit on the back.

Let this dry overnight.  Once the glue is dry, you will have a neat little tear-off calendar pad, and a much nicer one that the little ones you can buy.

This can then be used in a number of ways.  I’m going to stick it to a Nestie cut shape, covering a piece of thin chipboard, and add a magnet to the back.  The extra space on the Nestie base can be decorated prettily or have a photo added.  My fridge is not clad, so the magnet will allow the calendar to stick to it.

But you could easily add a wedge to the back and turn it into a free-standing calendar, or cut two, trim the bottom edges flat, put a brad or an eyelet or just stick the top edges together (or even cut the Nestie shape from a folded piece of cardstock) and make it like a top-fold card, so it stands up that way.  Lots of possibilities!

While my glue is drying I’ll be popping around to see what you are up to 🙂

Happy WOYWW!