Calendar PDFs for you

After spending the morning at DDs Harvest Festival, I’ve been dithering about whether or not these are useful to make available, and how best to do so.  In the end I decided I might as well, and to do them as a PDF.

Don’t grab the above image!  It’s poor quality, only there to show you what the PDFs look like to help you decide if you want it.  I chose this method so you can print them, then cut out the calendar months and stick them onto any sort of sheet size that fits your needs.  Or you could mark and move the months on to another sheet (two to a sheet) and print them then trim them to size.  That seems better than doing them as multiple sheets to just print.  I designed them to be used with a standard CD case as a stand.

Hopefully they will be useful for someone.  I have to say I am loving how the calendar looks, so stark and simple, with just the different stamped swirls at the top of each month, but I may do something a little different as an experiment.

So, grab January to June here and July to December here.