Handmade for you – printables

It’s been a while since I’ve done a set of printables (mostly due to the colour issues I was having) but this is a set I started working on a while back then dropped.  I always intended to finish them off and now I have!

One of the things that annoys me with circles is it can sometimes be difficult to position the punch or the die to make sure you get the middle centered.  I’ve been thinking how to solve that problem.  Here you can see the sheet, and some punched or die cut samples – note how some of them seem spot on and some are that little bit out of kilter:

Trimming the full A4 sheet to just past the coloured circles will let you punch with ease (and just imagine the pink punch is actually the BLUE punch – it’s the 2″ scallop not the 3″ one!)

Hard to see because of the shadow, but the green one is just that little bit out of whack!

And for those who want a slightly bigger circle, the wide border also allows you to use the Standard Circles Large (4th one up from the centre) or the Standard Circles Small (also 4th one up from the centre) or perhaps even  smaller ones, if you want just the centre bit for, say, the back of a card.

You can see I tape them in position just to make sure they don’t shift while I am cutting them.

But then I thought What about a grid? So I added the centred grid lines, behind the circles so they don’t interfere with the printing.

As you can see, if you line up the 1/2 way mark that would be on the punch, you can get a better centred punch-out!

Oops.  The angle makes that look like it’s not centred (and I was holding it with one hand, the camera with the other) but it was.  I thought I would delve into geometry a bit, and mark all my punches and Nesties to find the bisecting lines, which will make punching a lot more precise. I think my grid mat will help with this, and just a small Sharpie mark.  Of course if you don’t care, or your eye is good enough that you can place the close enough to make you happy, you can simply ignore the grid lines totally.

Uses?  Well, they work for the back of cards, obviously, but if you punch a small circle in the border you could easily tie them to a gift package.  I’ve done them in a rich dark brown and in Christmas-y colours.  Not a bit fan of the BRIGHT red and green so mine are a bit toned down. But you should be able to alter the colours if you like using PSE or some similar program.

Hope they will be useful.  Grab them by clicking here to download the PDF. I tried testing them out printed on a US Letter size paper and it seems to work OK although the border will be wider side-to-side and shorter top to bottom.