Time to bring back….

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Funny, but having my Cricut out of commission (faulty power brick – I tested it with a good one and the machine itself is working just fine) and the very old PC that runs the Craft Robo behaving erratically, I have hand cut titles for layouts more than I have in maybe the last 5 years in just the last month.  I used a die-cut punch out sheet as a template for one layout, and made two that used the very old Heidi Swapp letter masks.  I loved these when I got them (and a quick look on t’internet shows a review from 2007 so I’m guessing that is about when I got them) and used them a few times, then in the various re-shuffling of my stash I put them someplace that I didn’t check very often and then sort of forgot about them.  A recent tidy revealed them once more and I thought they would be good for this layout from last week, so I dragged them off to the crop.  For this one I smudged Vintage Photo (or was it Walnut Stain?  Can’t recall now!) through the outline part of the mask then cut with a border of the cardstock:

Then, because I was too lazy to unpack my crop bag between Saturday Crops, I found them still in there this past Saturday and since I forgot to add other letters for this layout, I decided to use them again, this time using the solid letter part and smudging Walnut Stain (sure about that this time) around the outside and on patterned paper, then cutting with a very fine border.

Not done with this one yet – not really embellished at all, just the photo placement and the basic background, but I love how the title fills the space.  I am a sucker for BIG TEXT. And blimey – those Scrabble letters…they must be 10 years old.

Funnily enough I only just realized those layouts have such similar photo placement.  I suppose thereare really only so many ways to place three 4×6 photos …

Anyway, I doubt I would have sat down and said to myself “Now where are those HS letter masks?” but stumbling on them was a real bonus.  I had forgotten how the tall, thinnish letters allow quite a long word to fit across a 12 inch page.  And how versatile the masks are: you can smudge ink, paint, mist, stamp, whatever you like thru the empty letters, and use the solid letters to do the same around the outside edge or use them as a shape to trace around.  The self-mat, almost, depending if you smudge/paint/mist just inside the empty letters or if you lett the medium go outside the border as well.

It just goes to show you that old supplies are not really BAD supplies.  I feel quite virtuous when I use something I paid good money for but that fell out of fashion (or at least fell ut of the public eye) at some point.  But I don’t think something like this, a classic simple font, should really ever go completely out of fashion.  It’s all a matter of using it in a new way.  KWIM?

I would love to have more fonts. and don’t even mind hand cutting them, I had forgotten how restful it is to just sit and snip.

I wonder what else I’ll unearth as I carry on with my much needed filing of piles of stuff dragged out over the last 6 months or so.  Something wonderful, I hope!

One thought on “Time to bring back….

  1. So glad I’m not the only one who puts things away and forgets about them until they are discovered during a serendipitous tidy up. And thank-you for reminding me of the half finished and half forgotten LO I started 12 months ago with wavy photos. Must dig it out and finish it. I could have an idea for the font now too…….

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