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Crop layout and disasters abound

My series of interesting disasters continues.  I had a layout that I began at one crop and didn’t finish.  Why, you ask?  Well I had a title (Dress Up) and was missing an R.  So I had looked a the sheet, and decided I could cut down an extra u/n to make an R.  All well and good.  I was sitting at the crop and grabbed the letter to cut down, but clearly I was to involved in chatting to realize that what I was cutting was my P, which I also needed!  I did have a moment of pause when I looked at what I was cutting and thought “hummm – that tail is too long for an r.. how am I going to fix that?” and then when I got halfway thru the cut I looked again and went … well I won’t say what I said, but regular crop ladies will know, as I say it a LOT and they think it sounds very American, sometimes even imitating my accent as they giggle.

So fast forward a week.  Took the same layout to the next crop (who am I kidding?  yes, I did mean to finish it, but the reason it went with me was I hadn’t unpacked my bag from the previous week yet) and as I dumped it out on the table I realized that I hadn’t put in the extra letter to replace the butchered P.  That word again.  Begins with B. The British version also begins with B but is much longer…. I thought, OK, I’m pretty sure I have either another P or a d at home so I’ll be careful to leave enough space and add it later.  Merrily went on my way and finished, mostly, then when I got home had a look for that “I’m sure I have” P or d … and guess what? NO P – NO d.  That word again, louder and with more emphasis.  I managed to  cut the round bit off a q to make the round bit of the P, and used the stem of the original P, and it’s not horrible but it will always annoy me.

And I spent the vast majority of the day yesterday, while a lovely pork roast was cooking quietly in the oven (Jamie recipe, I think, but I ripped it out of the Sunday paper a week or so back, seeing it used 20 fresh bay leaves and a cup of red wine vinegar. It just sounded weird but potentially wonderful, and it was) determined to sort out the colour issues.  Wish I had some idea what went wrong to change how it’s always worked – create, print basically.  Now I have this weird other step that I have to add in a menu in the printer dialog box that I have NEVER looked at before.

Just a few sample prints of some colourful circles, with the various settings noted (and believe me, there are more sheets like this) and in the end I did sort it out but not in a way I am happy with.  I re-calibrated the monitor, but really the ONLY way I can get what I see on the screen to be what prints out is to use sRGB settings (which are really MONITOR settings and not really what I would choose to use for PSE or Photoshop) and let PSE control the printing.  I think.

And STILL the boxes accuse me of neglecting them.  {sigh}