Colour issues


Arrgghh! we all moan and moan when out mojo goes walkabout, but I have a different problem.  I got mojo.  I got plenty of mojo.  Loads of ideas, time I can use to work on them, but somehow, everything I try today seems to not work out like I expect it should.  I have been working on some printables for the winner of the challenge I did for Shim’s event.  All well and good – I emailed her, told her I would be happy to try to sort something that she wanted, as opposed to sending her something that I had prepared. We chatted. I had a plan.  I carried that through, and it was all fine till the printing.

Now, I don’t know if it is equal parts the problem I had with my monitor calibration, and the fact I tried out the “compatible” inks for my printer for the first time, but I recall thinking when visiting layouts people made from my printables for the challenge that some of them looked…odd.  The colours were not as I made them.  Mine, when printed, looked exactly like what I was seeing on the screen.  Having said that, it was Intaglio I was using.  These I made in PSE, because while Intaglio is fab for plain blocks of colour, it just doesn’t work for the distressed sort of papers I wanted to match her ideas.

So I printed the items and there was SUCH a colour difference I was stunned.  Not sure if you will be able to really see here, but this is what I see on the screen, as a screen grab:

It looks nice and bright, with the colours pretty on target with the paper line.  BUT when I print it, it looks muddy and dull:

Just not the same at ALL.  And I have no idea why or how to sort it.

Then, I was at the grocery store and had an idea.  I thought it would be kinda fab.  I bought the thing I was thinking of (thankfully just £1) and came home, all set to make something cool.  And…well, it just didn’t work out like I saw in my head.  I’m not giving up on it yet, but I am frustrated.  Especially because all those boxes are sitting accusingly on my desk, still unfinished, and I have another crop tomorrow that I really, really need to prepare and pack for.

One bright spot is I wanted to do a layout of one of DDs regular You Tube pages.  She loves watching videos from this woman, and I thought I would like to do a page documenting it.  I did a screen grab of the YT channel and printed it along with a photo of DD and that worked out perfectly, the colour just fine.

So it’s not all doom and gloom but it is trying my patience at the moment.  Hope your day is gong better!

3 thoughts on “Colour issues

  1. OH MA, if anyone has the patience and tenacity to suss it – it’s you. Naturally I barely understand, so you’ll be getting no advice from me! I’m late WOYWWIng actually, so have caught up with your week. Busy!

  2. I know what you mean about screen and printer. The lovely cameras from one of SJ’s printables looked a perfect kraft colour on my screen but printed grey. I now regularly increase the exposure of photos before I print at home to stop them coming out too dark.
    Wish I had some suggestions for you.

  3. You might have tried these things already, but I’ll write it anyway. Are you using the right colorprofile for your ink and paper? Is the printer set to handle the colors in the PS printer window, and are the products made using the Adobe RGB color mode?

    I love your blog!

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