WOYWW 122 – boxes galore.

I have been making boxes – lots and lots of boxes.  It will eventually be something but it’s not there yet.  Stuff just keeps getting in the way. And I keep changing my mind.  I didn’t have enough ribbon to wrap the 12 little boxes so I tried using a variety of similar colours and don’t like it.  I really like the scallop trim like on the bottom boxes so I will be spending the day removing the ribbon and replacing it with the scallops and a smaller band of ribbon. I need to work out a little technical hitch, but I’ve had an idea and hopefully will be able to sort that out. If I can’t mange to finish this week I’ll take it along to the crop on Saturday and finish it there.

If you want a inspirational weekly trip around worldwide workdesks, The Stamping Ground is the place to spend your Wednesdays.  And it’s worth popping in other days as well – I spotted Julia’s review of the Clearly Better stamp pad for clear stamps and I have to say it is ACE.  Got two, black and brown, and am well impressed with the rich dark image on even the most stubborn stamps (and yes, I did the sanding them lightly, rubbing with an eraser or rubber cement pick-up square, and stamping with Staz-on and letting it dry before using other inks, and that all helped but these inks give an impression akin to Memento ink with a red rubber stamp, with very few drop outs from the start) and glad to hear Shopkeeper Gal is ordering the range.

Happy Wednesday, y’all!