Another crop layout and printable grid paper links

This is the 2nd one I managed in about 10 hours.  Shocking.  I do have another that is nearly done, but I may have to save that for the crop NEXT weekend.

This is one of those layouts that is made up of bits, IYKWIM.  The bit of Hambly acetate was a scrap that I came across when looking for papers, the text strips are from a sheet that seems to have a lot of Christmas stuff on it, although these were not, and just some little bits from a punch out sheet that seemed to “go.”  The little birdie is an SU stamps, the one that I mounted on a TicTac box so the mount was see thru – I love how easy that makes placing the stamp.  The small letters I cut from a scrap of fun foam using a QK die (love that font – thanks to the UKS Marketplace) and the big letters I cut from cardstock using the waste from a punch-out letter sheet as a template.  The journaling block – I did something that I will do again, I’m sure.  I stuck a sheet of plain grid paper to cheap cardstock then cut it using a Nestie.

Quite often it seems paper manufacturers print grid paper on the flip side of a really nice pattern.  I love using grid paper for journaling blocks but I really hate having to sacrifice the pretty pattern to use it.  This is an easy way for me to get the grid effect and still have the pretty side for another use! There are a few different sorts of grid tablets out there, so you can pick one you like.

Another option and another one I use a lot is to go to one of the internet sites that have an online tool for printing your own grids.  What I like about place like GraphPaper is you can choose the colour of the grid lines!  You can also specify what sort of grid you want (the size of the blocks, if there are interspersed heavier lines, etc.) Incompetech has PDFs of grid paper you can download and print (love the circles one) and Printfreegraphpaper lets you do the selection for sizing. Paperprintout has loads of  other useful things, like gift tags and penmanship papers, and Printablepaper has PDFs of MANY different styles. Printablecashreceipts has just that – some of them could be useful for scrapbooking and I think you could edit them to add your own more scrapbook-friendly words, and will def. have a play with that sometime soon.  The paper you see above is just a bit more expensive than plain printer paper, but is a nicer weight.  Not as heavy as cardstock but perfect for this sort of printing. and yo can print it on cream cardstock, on regular scrapbooking cardstock, or use the various grids for digital scrapping.  I sometimes take a black grid, open it in PSE, overlay a colour layer, grunge it up digitally, then group the layers so grid has that aged and distressed look, then print it.

Gosh.  That turned into more of a post than I expected, but I got on a roll and thought Why not? Hope you find the links useful – I know grid paper on demand is useful to me, so it may be for you too!