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Crop layout and monitor issues

arrgghhh!  I really really hate calibrating my monitor.  Actually my two monitors.  Pretty much as soon as DS left for Uni, I snatched his monitor to replace one of my widescreen (but narrow) ones to get a little more screen real-estate.  But it always annoyed me that the colour from the left to the right monitor was so different.  I lived with it and just did some things on one side and other things on the other, when it mattered (like BBC iPlayer or You Tube) and got used to it, more or less.

While I was out at the crop, as I mentioned, DH did a back up.  Always a good thing, so I really can’t complain about that, but I notice immediately that the colour was weird.  Dark, muddy, and really different between the two, more so than usual.  I messed about with calibrating it, but it was just not right. I swapped back to my old monitor, and that mostly solved the problem, but there is still a slight difference, that I don;t recall from before.

If my photos look weird to you it will have something to do with this issue – and what you are seeing isn’t what I am seeing.

Anyway, I started a discussion over on UKS about two page layouts.  No matter how much faffing about I did, this is not a great image, but I hope you can get enough of a sense of it.  A two pager – ages since I did one, and I really like it.

It’s only got four 4×6 photos, so it could have been a one pager, but that would have been too cramped, I think.  I used quite an old tool, the letter masks, with Distress ink in Vintage Photo on kraft cardstock. I had forgotten how much I liked those – hand cutting letters? I almost never do that anymore, but they were easy peasy with the masks – smudging the ink past the edge shows a clear line to follow to get a perfect “mat” around the colour.  First time I’ve used the Cat’s Pyjama’s bracket die (I seem to tend to cut a full Nestie bracket then cut it down when I want just the point) and I like the shape of it.  A real mix of old and new stuff on this one, and unlike my last two-pager, this one looks more up-to-date.  Now, I really MUST work on that project I mentioned in my “epic”500th post post or I will never get even close to finishing it over the next day or two.

I wasn’t very productive (3 pages completed, one almost done) at the crop, but it was actually very restful, just lazily working away without rushing.  One of my tablemates did, I think, 8 (yes EIGHT) layouts!  Good thing I have another crop coming up this weekend LOL!