Crop food – Tamale Pie


The crop yesterday was great fun, although not my most productive.  I worked hard on my layouts, shifting things about, adding and subtracting, despite a Cricut being there, had cutting letters…and oh yes, eating.  We do a pot luck (do they call it a pot luck in the UK?  I don’t even know!) and sometimes, if we don’t have Sarah on the task of contacting people and telling them what to bring so we have a well-rounded meal, it might be less meal and more a series of snack all day long.  The ladies who do sweets are truly talented, but that leaves the rest of us to defer to them and do savouries.  Not as easy, I don’t think, as it’s hard to come up with something that everyone at least can tolerate, if not truly LIKE.

I have a store or recipes that I trot out for these sorts of events.  They are tasty, not too spicy but hopefully not totally bland, economical without being cheap, and above all filling. This recipe went down a treat.  A number or people asked for the specifics, so I thought I’d post it on what tends to be a non-craft day, to make it easy for anyone to grab.

The problem is that I cook rather … haphazardly.  I never really take not of things like the package weight of meat.  I figure a bit more or less isn’t going to be a huge issue.  I also am a bit flexible with measurements since I think in cups and most cans are in  grams.  So I kind of look at the can and make a judgement as to whether it looks like enough.  I’ll convert my recipe to fit UK products if I can.  I doubled it, so I could have a large dish for the crop and a small pie-size one for DH to have at home, but I reckon the whole recipe as shown here would fill a standard 9 x 11 baking pan.  More or less.

You see, this is why I don’t write cookbooks LOL!

Oven temp is 180  ( if yours is fan assisted do what it says to adjust – I think that would be about 160)

Make the crust first.  We used to buy Masa Harina at Sainsbury’s in the specialty food aisle but ours doesn’t carry it anymore.  For this I bought a bag of fine corn meal and one of coarse corn meal (sold as Polenta) and used one cup of each. You could probably use all of one, if you want. Add two tbls of sugar.

In a bowl lightly whisk  2/3 cup of milk, two eggs and 4 tbls melted butter.  Add to the cornmeal and sugar. Mix with a fork until it is just combined.  Don’t  over mix it.

To this add two small cans of sweet corn (not creamed corn, but you could use about 1 1/2 cups of frozen corn, defrosted) and 6 oz. of shredded mature cheddar.

Grease your baking tin then press the cornmeal mixture into the bottom and up the sides of the tin.  Try to get a uniform thickness.  Set aside.

Cook the filling:

1 cup finely chopped onions

1 cup chopped bell peppers (I used a mix of red, yellow and green but you can use all one colour)

Saute the peppers and onions in 2 tbls butter over medium heat for a few minutes, until they are soft but not browned

Add two 500 g packs of ground turkey and cook until the meat is no longer pink.

Add two cans of drained and rinsed black beans (these used to be hard to find in the UK but Morrisons has then, as do Sainsbury’s although they tend to be in boxes and organic) and two packets of Old El Paso taco seasoning mix and a 400g can of chopped tomatoes. You will not need any additional salt!  Let it cook for a few minutes.

Spoon the filling into the crust.  Bake in the oven for 25-30 minutes until the crust is cooked but not too brown on the edges.  Add a good sprinkle of cheddar cheese over the top and pop it back into the oven till it is melted.  Serve with a good dollop of sour cream and salsa, if you like.

I stopped after the crust was cooked and re-heated it at the crop for about 20 minutes, added the cheese then, and put it back in the oven for another 10 minutes or so till the cheese was melted. Hence the photo with no cheese!  Funny but I can never seem to get a photo of mexican food that looks appealing.  And my DH did a back-up of may machine while I was gone and messed up my 2nd monitor’s calibration.  So the photo looks great on the LEFT monitor, but a bit odd on the right.  I have no idea what you will see on your monitor, but I will say every bite was eaten at the crop so it must have been tasty.

You could, I suppose, make it with ground beef, if you wanted.  We had it with a big, freshly prepared salad, which went perfectly with it.

3 thoughts on “Crop food – Tamale Pie

  1. OMG this was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next crop would like another!!! Gonna have a go at it this week 🙂 Mary anne god of spicy food!

  2. LOL! Enjoy. Hope the family enjoys it 🙂 I’ll have to find my cornbread recipe for you so you can use up the rest of the cornmeal. That’s yummy with LOTS of things.


  3. thank you MA your a star guess what we are having for dinner tomorrow? x

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